The Best Christmas Video Games Ever Made

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And, what better way to enjoy it than by playing through some of the best Christmas themed games ever. What do you mean you didn’t know there were any Christmas video games? Oh boy, have you been missing out! But, never fear, I am here to help. So, escape your crazy family, avoid doing your Christmas shopping until the 24th, and escape into one of these amazing Christmas themed video games!

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Daze Before Christmas

Platform: SNES, Sega Genesis

Release Date: 1994

Genre: Platform

Travel back to 1994 with me for some Daze Before Christmas! OK, so I was still a toddler when this game came out – but, trust me, it is well worth your time. You get to play as Santa, working hard to rescue all of our elves and getting your plans back from the evil Timekeeper. It’s your classic retro platformer with a whole bunch of Christmas joy thrown in for good measure. 

Home Alone

Platform: NES, GameBoy, SNES, Master System, SEGA Genesis, GameGear, Amiga, MS-DOS

Release Date: 1991 – 1993

Genre: Action

I’m well aware that many people think these games are just awful but hear me out, OK? They’re that perfect kind of terrible that makes them insanely fun to play. And they made, like, a million versions – so there’s lots to go at here. You play as Kevin McAllister after being left home alone. Some versions you have to lay traps for the bad guys, in other versions you have to collect items and push them down a laundry chute into a secret vault. OK. Maybe they are awful…

Xmas Lemmings

Platform: DOS, Amiga

Release Date: 1991

Genre: Platform

There isn’t much mystery to this game. If you’ve ever played the original Lemmings game, it’s that, but more Christmassy. It still has the same annoying of pixel perfection but is also still the same amount of ridiculous fun. Not the easiest game to get your hands on (and you’ll need a PC that can run such an old game as well) but, there are plenty of emulators out there to help you out. 

Secret Santa

Platform: PC

Release Date: 2016

Genre: Frustration Survival

Take a look on YouTube and you’ll find that almost everyone that has tried their hand at playing Secret Santa has either rage quit or spent the entire game screaming at their computer. But, for some reason, we can’t stop playing! You play as Santa and try to deliver all your presents to those lucky kids on the “nice list”. But, you have to avoid being seen by the children, being shot by the old men keeping watch, and being eaten by guard dogs. If that isn’t enough crazy for you – just wait until Santa sips some eggnog. Trust us, this game is brilliant in its ability to cause rage quits up and down the country. 

Hit Man: Holiday Hoarders

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Release Date: 2016

Genre: Shooter

For what is usually such a dark and serious franchise, the Holiday Hoarders DLC for Hitman 2 was a  real treat to play through. So, it might not be a full game, but the extra missions and holiday festivities it brings to the game are more than a little bit fun. You’re tasked with the best mission names possible: “Santa’s Little Helper” – where you have to steal 12 items, “Ho Ho Ho” – where you have to kill two thieves while dressed as Santa, and “Oh Deer” – where you have to kill two people with an exploding propane tank when their own mission fails. 

Final Word

There were a few games that didn’t make our list (yes, there are more Christmas themed games out there), but I still wish we had more of a choice! So, come on game developers, do your thing and fill my Christmas stocking 2020 with some more Christmas video games, please!