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Fall Guys shift 7 million units on Steam

Also becomes the most downloaded PS+ game ever

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Publisher Devolver Digital just dropped the news that Fall Guys has crossed the 7 million units sales threshold on Steam, an amazing accomplishment for a game that few could have predicted would catch on like this. The game has been out less than a month, but already it’s reached this impressive threshold. It’s also the most downloaded game in the history of Playstation Plus, perhaps helped that the PS4 install base it at it’s highest ever, and the selection on PS+ hasn’t been great in a while, but it’s still a fantastic achievement. We’re probably going to have to consider this one of the smaller games that grew to be an international mega-hit, along with the likes of Minecraft, PUBG, and Fortnite, at least if they can maintain this level of attention.

Selling this strongly out of the gate is not something that happens very often, rarer still to happen to a game that isn’t part of a huge franchise, and isn’t backed by a multi-million dollar marketing campaign. That a goofy game about silly little characters competing in absurd challenges can find such huge success is a wonderful thing, and to me shows that there are plenty of players out there that are open to trying something new and different. This is a great example of a game that is both entertaining to watch and to play, and so success on video platforms like Twitch and YouTube has fed into a sales success.

The big lingering question is how will developer Mediatonic grow and sustain this success. There’s the obvious move of bringing it to more platforms, for now it’s only available on Steam and PS4. There’s been a deal announced to release a mobile version in China with Shanghai-based bilibili, but no word yet on the game coming to mobile internationally, or any mention of an Xbox or Switch version. It’s possible that with regards to consoles, their deal to be included a giveaway to PlayStation Plus subscribers maybe has come with some timed exclusivity attached, so perhaps players on Xbox or Switch might have to wait a little while.

Beyond bringing it to different platforms, I’m sure they’ve got some plans to expand on the existing game. It seems like a strong base to experiment with different styles of play, with perhaps new modes being added, or existing modes being tweaked. There’s also plenty of scope for expanding the selection of outfits and costumes available at the in-game store.

If you’ve been struggling to get any crowns, and finding yourself disqualified in the early rounds, we’ve put together a collection of tips to help you figure out how to improve your chances of winning. Part of the appeal in Fall Guys is that there is quite a lot of randomness inherent in every match, resulting in some very unpredictable outcomes, but there are still techniques and approaches you can take to gives yourself the best shot at success.


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