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Fortnite Glitches For Skins – Fast XP & Rewards

Taking a look at Fortnite Season 7 glitches for fast level up and free skins/rewards

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The Fortnite battle pass brings us new and exciting loot every season, with players scrambling for XP and level-ups to collect as many skins and other items as quickly as possible.  Every game you play leads to more XP but did you know there are a few Fornite glitches for skins, well, most are for more XP, which helps you unlock these items.  We have seen glitches that can turn any skin into Superman among others that Epic may not have fixed yet.

Fortnite Glitches For Skins

Season 7 has had some immense success in Fortnite, with the alien theme and weekly updates giving fans plenty of content to sink their teeth into. The best way to pick up these items is to gain as much XP as you can, with progression through the battle pass supplying you with regular new items. Let’s take a look at the best way to grab yourself these skins as quickly as possible.

There was a glitch in Fortnite where you could change the loot option to anything but ‘Default, allowing players to complete all battle lab challenges quickly, however, this has since been fixed by Epic.

Fortnite Glitch – If you swim before the Battle Bus launches and the match starts, a message should pop up with the amount of Battle Pass XP unlocked.

Fortnite Glitch – If a player enters Team Rumble Mode, build yourself to an extreme height and glide before the Battle Bus launch. Once the match starts, the Battle Pass level should increase.

Play LMTs & Events For More XP

There are plenty of events in Fortnite, along with some LMTs that give Fortnite players more XP. Consistently playing these is going to increase your Battle Pass XP fast enough to ensure you have the best chance of grabbing those skins and other items as quickly as possible.

Turn Any Fortnite Skin Into Superman

fortnite glitch superman skin

To turn your character into the man of steel, you first need to enter a game with one other friend. Your friend needs to start a creative match and once the creative mode starts, your friend needs to interact with any matchmaking map. Next, once a map is selected, they need to make the party public. At this stage, players should encounter an error message. Triggering the glitch requires the players in the party to then switch to the Superman skin before the error message appears, giving players the Superman emote. You should now see your character turn into Superman, enjoy.

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