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GPU rumor roundup: New Lovelace details, RDNA3 rumors circulate

Rumor season is in full swing

Updated: Apr 11, 2022 2:47 pm
GPU rumor roundup: New Lovelace details, RDNA3 rumors circulate

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Graphics card rumors are aplenty, with more details than ever before about all the new upcoming GPUs that we expect to see later this year, and a couple of surprises ahead, to boot. Firstly comes an update on the specifications of Nvidia’s Lovelace, then new on AMD’s RDNA 3, which we both expect to launch later this year. Hopefully, Intel will also make a splash on the desktop market this year, but after their difficulties in shipping their Arc Alchemist GPUs in laptops, we’re worried about how quiet it still all seems.

The reason that we’re seeing so many GPU rumors come around now is that we are on the cusp of a new launch this year, with new cards seemingly less than six months out currently, this means that as the foundries gear up to production, we slowly understand more about all of the components. This is because as more people get involved in the run-up to launch, the more people are prone to speaking about it to leakers that are closely connected to the industry, giving us all of the juicy gossips that we need to thrive on right up until the products get formally announced. So far, the details have been slightly lighter on the ground than we would have liked, but we still get enough information to build up a better picture of exactly what’s going on in the industry.

Nvidia Lovelace GPUs might NOT be named ‘4000’

Leaker Kopite7Kimi has an excellent reputation for giving us some excellent leaks over time, meaning that they are one of the most trustworthy sources of information that we have about the cards. Curiously, on April Fool’s Day, they dropped the naming convention of the ’40’ series and is now calling it the ‘xx’ series. this is potentially a sign that we might not actually see any 40 series cards, and that Nvidia may feel tempted to jump all the way up to 5000, instead. In China 4 is indeed an unlucky number, however, this hasn’t stopped Nvidia from releasing products with the letter ‘4’ in them beforehand.

Today. Kopite7Kimi gave us an update on what to expect from what we might expect to be the top-end ’90’ card.

If these specs are true, we may see a slight dip in the RAM speed of the card, mostly owing to the fact that it appears that the ’90’ card now sits where the previous ’80’ used to be. We do not know if every card in the stack has now shifted down one class or not. But, it what we do know is that the hefty TDP requirement of 600W remains. Additionally, we now know the board manufacturing name for the card, which are only usually mentioned if the source is tied a little closer to Nvidia.

Therefore, you can expect to see the AD102-300 appearing as the RTX 4090, or whatever else Nvidia might want to call it today. Just make sure that you have a powerful to help you see through the incredibly hefty power requirements that the card requires, which is currently pipped at 600W. Remember, this means that we’re going to be seeing much more powerful PSUs rear their heads in the future.

Thie RTX 3090 Ti appears to just be the beginning of the assault of the high-powered cards. Unfortunately for us though, power is getting more expensive, and the PSUs required are even more expensive than the last ones, so just how much power are we inevitably having to

Potential RDNA CPU shows off chiplets

Hot on the heels of the intention that AMD is bound to release three new GPUs, they’re also developing a brand-new chip, RDNA3. RDNA3 is meant to compete against the likes of the most powerful GPUs. Previously, AMD has released their RDNA lineup with monolithic GPUs, but appears to be moving over to a chiplet design, similar to their Ryzen processors, and the latest leaks suggest that we might be seeing seven chiplets in RDNA3, or the Navi 31 GPU, as per Greymon55’s latest leaks, these are not 100% confirmed, so we’re still holding our breath on this particular leak.

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