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Intel 14th gen release date prediction, when will Meteor Lake release?

When will we see the 14th gen Intel CPUs hit shelves?

Updated: May 26, 2023 10:17 am
Intel 14th gen predicted release date

Intel 14th Gen rumors started to surface not long after the 13th Gen arrived. Now that we’re over 6 months since their release, predictions have had time to flourish. The Intel 14th gen release date is widely discussed, so we put everything we know in one place.

All sorts of rumors were floating around – like Meteor Lake is canceled or delayed, or Meteor Lake will release on laptops only, or even it’s been pushed forward. It’s hard to know what to expect sometimes. But with all that being said, do any of those rumors affect the release date of the 14th generation? What does Intel have in store for Meteor Lake?

In 2021, Intel made an ambitious announcement, unveiling its plans to introduce five new process nodes within a span of three years. The initial roadmap included the release of Alder and Raptor Lake in 2021 and 2022 respectively, both utilizing Intel’s 7 or 10nm process node. Notably, Alder Lake marked the debut of Intel’s innovative LITTLE.big split-core technology, while Raptor Lake further enhanced this development.

Intel 14th gen release date prediction

We do not know the exact release date of the Intel 14th generation CPUs yet, but we do have some information on a release window. What we don’t know is whether the release date of Arrow Lake will assume the intended release date of Meteor Lake, or be pushed back further as it’s supposed to be further along in Intel’s road map. Let the rumors ensue.

Intel road map 2021 - 2024

Intel Meteor Lake is expected to launch in 2023. This follows Intel’s roadmap, and we expect by now that Intel is about ready to start testing its new chips. If that’s the case, then it seems that Intel are well on track to meeting their roadmap goals. With no substantial leak available just yet, this is what we have to based our prediction on. They may be in a rush to ship new and improved CPUs to combat AMD. Especially since the best CPU for gaming right now is the Ryzen 9 7950X3D.

Will Intel 14th gen be on desktop or laptop?

According to a report by YouTuber Moore’s Law Is Dead, there is speculation that Intel’s Meteor Lake chips will be released in October 2023, with a 14-core laptop CPU leading the way. This departure from Intel’s typical strategy of releasing desktop processors first would be a significant departure from previous generations. It’s unusual for a mobile chip to be the first to hit the market, making this a potentially significant change.

Due to this, some speculated that the Meteor Lake CPUs would be exclusive to laptops. More recent news however suggests that this won’t be the case. So it’s expected that Intel 14th gen will include both desktop chips and laptop processors. A Linux update reveals Meteor Lake-S (desktop CPU) support being added to the operating system early.

Is Arrow Lake replacing Meteor Lake?

There have been whiffs of information around the Internet that Meteor Lake may be canceled, if this is true, what happens next? The supposed Redwood Cove and Crestmont architecture on the Meteor Lake line-up has been something to look forward to for a while now.

As you can see by the roadmap, Intel intended to release Meteor Lake in 2023 (most likely Q3 – Q4). However, if Meteor Lake is canceled we might see Arrow Lake take it’s place as Intel’s 14th-generation CPU, so that could mean that Intel will be releasing the Intel 14th gen Arrow Lake CPU at the end of 2023.

rumour stating meteor lake could be cancelled.

We do feel that a 2024 release date is more realistic since Arrow Lake is supposed to be a year behind the 14th generation, it’s unlikely that a sufficient level of development has been obtained to facilitate the release of Arrow Lake CPUs a whole year before schedule.

It doesn’t help that Arrow Lake and Meteor Lake are designed on different manufacturing processes. Meteor Lake lends itself to the Intel 4 process (7nm) and Arrow Lake is designed using the 20A process (2nm), and it’s one hell of a jump to go from 10nm to 2nm in one year.

So this begs the question, is Meteor Lake renamed? or is it replaced by Arrow Lake? Both in name and in technological specifications. Truth is, we don’t know, and we won’t until Intel makes an official announcement.

Will Intel refresh 13th gen CPUs? Raptor Lake-S refresh

Early reports are suggesting that a refresh of some 13th gen CPUs may be on the way. Raptor Lake SKUs could be featured yet again if current rumors (like this one from Wccftech) are true. This leak reveals that refreshed Raptor Lake CPUs may be included alongside the 14th gen lineup. However, it’s likely that the Raptor Lake-S refresh will still be considered as part of the 13th Gen CPUs.

If they are indeed considered 14th gen, that means the jump up may not be as substantial as expected. They would probably still be using the 700 series chipset of the 13th gen. Due to the confusion of the desktop vs laptop CPUs, we could actually just be seeing a split in the architecture, with a refreshed Raptor Lake coming to desktop and new Meteor Lake arriving on laptops. It’s all up in the air at the minute though until Intel confirms these details.

Arrow Lake vs Meteor Lake – what’s the difference?

Arrow Lake is the codename for the 14th Gen of Intel CPUs for desktops. In contrast, Meteor Lake, while still part of the 14th Gen, is made up of laptop processors. As we’ve alluded to, among confusion, they are going to release at separate times. Meteor Lake laptop CPUs are expected to arrive first, while Arrow Lake desktop CPUs are going to release later on.

This is possibly due to a refresh of the previous desktop generation (Raptor Lake), which could extend the lifetime of the 13th Gen desktop processors. Desktop CPUs are overall more powerful – bigger in size and with higher power consumption. Laptop CPUs often include integrated graphics, though more high-end models can separate the CPU and GPU like we typically see in a desktop build.

Intel 14th gen release date FAQs

Is Intel 14th gen out?

No, the current generation of CPUs from Intel is the 13th-gen. Intel has detailed plans around 14th gen CPUs in its roadmap but there is no exact release date just yet.

What socket will Intel 14th gen be?

It is expected that the Intel 14th Gen will use the LGA 1851 socket.

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