MSI Announces Optix Curved Gaming Monitor With 165 Hz Refresh Rate

MSI has announced they’re working on a new Optix curved gaming monitor with some impressive specifications to look forward to. 

Optix G27C5 Monitor Specifications

The G27C5 curved monitor will feature a 1 ms response time, 165 Hz refresh rate, and a 1080p resolution. 

For this monitor, MSI has included FreeSync support which should mean no annoying screen-tearing or stuttering for gamers with AMD graphics cards. As well as this, the monitor has anti-flicker technology which should work to reduce flickers more than other monitors which typically have a flicker rate of 200 times per second. 

Another nice feature is that this monitor produces less blue light than typical monitors which is great for those of us who love long gaming sessions. 

In terms of connectivity, this monitor has a DisplayPort 1.2, two HDMI ports, and an audio out port too.

Optix G27C5 Monitor Features

The Optix G27C5 monitor has a 1500R curvature to provide an immersive gaming experience for users. This makes it perfect for high-action games such as first-person shooters, sports games, and racing simulators which require precise actions and fast reactions.

MSI has used a curved VA display to give users a more comfortable experience while using various applications as well as gaming. The monitor provides 178° viewing angles which means your viewing experience won’t be affected depending on where you position it. 

With a frameless design and an adjustable stand, this will give users better flexibility for where they position their monitor too. 

How Much Will This Optix Curved Monitor Cost?

At the moment, MSI has not given any pricing details for the new Optix G27C5 curved monitor. 

However, if we look at other similar offerings from MSI, we can guess what the price will look like. The Optix C27C4 is currently priced around $340 so we would imagine that the new Optix G27C5 will be priced similarly to replace it or perhaps a bit more expensive to account for the upgraded features.