The PS5 Games You Can Play on PC

In the leadup to its release, the list of games for the PS5 is growing and growing. We’ve now seen the final design of the PS5 as well as some gameplay trailers for some of the more hotly anticipated releases.

The best thing is, in an age of cross-platform compatibility, it looks like we’ll be able to experience some of the best that PlayStation has to offer on our gaming PCs as well. 

While there isn’t a lot of information available just yet on specifications and release dates, we’ve selected a couple of PlayStation 5 games that we can’t wait to get running on our gaming setup. 

Oddworld: Soulstorm

Oddworld: Soulstorm is set to follow on from Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty! – the “ground-up remake” of the original Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee that PlayStation fans knew and loved. It will be coming to PC as an Epic Games Store exclusive release.

This title is set to include the same core gameplay that fans know and love, as well as some new features such as a “Scavenger’s Economy System” and crafting to help keep things fresh.

Project Athia

Developed by the team behind Final Fantasy XV, fans of anything that Square Enix makes won’t have to wait too much longer to get their hands on this great-looking title. The teaser trailer shows some fast-paced action, vast cloud-filled landscapes and even a fire-breathing dragon at the end. 

Ghostwire: Tokyo

Initially revealed back in E3 2019, Ghostwire: Tokyo is an interesting take on the action-adventure genre. Set in a version of Tokyo besieged by paranormal threads and occult events, it looks like players will be in for an atmospheric experience in this game. 

The trailer shows an impressive representation of Tokyo as well as a handful of supernatural powers, headless monsters and fast-paced action. This title is set to land in 2021 on both PlayStation 5 and PC.


Another title that was revealed during the 2019 E3 event was Deathloop. We originally saw a stylized trailer that showed players trying to survive on an island where everybody wants you dead, but this recent trailer shows us a bit more of what to expect. 

We get to see some gruesome deaths, dual-wielding gunplay, supernatural powers and a backing track that reminds us of something we’d have heard in Baby Driver. Players will have to learn and adapt if they want to break the cycle and escape this action-packed Groundhog Day-style title.

Final Word

We hope our list today has gotten you excited about some of the great games we can expect in the future. It’s always great when cross-platform play is available and it’s a perfect way to grab the chance to play some exclusives you may have missed out on. 

If you think you might need a bit more power to run these impressive titles, why not consider upgrading your current PC? We have a bunch of great guides that you can easily filter by budget and game types. 

What do you think of these PS5 games? Are some of these going to be an instant buy? Let us know down in the comments section below, we love hearing your thoughts.