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Where To Watch Battlefield 2042: Exodus

With just a few short days to go, we look at the easiest way to watch Battlefield 2042: Exodus

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Latest Updates: So, there you have it, Exodus is now live and can be viewed on the official Battlefield YouTube (or by viewing the video below). The new short film showcases the events that lead up to the all-out war, with what we can only assume to be our lead character involved in gun battles and hostage-type situations. 

10:00 am: There are only 6 hours left until the official Exodus short film drops! We’ll be showcasing the video right here, so bookmark this page so you don’t miss out.

Today’s the day when Battlefield’s short film Exodus finally premieres. Whilst we’re not sure what’s in store at this stage, we predict it will depict the storyline of the new Battlefield 2042.

With Battlefield 2042’s official release date being only a few months away, we’re finally starting to see the first signs of EA rolling out the game’s promotional material. The latest buzz-inducing release from the EA team will be a short film coined Exodus – depicting events that caused the game’s war.

To many people’s dismay, Battlefield 2042 will not feature a campaign mode. However, DICE have expressed their plans to progress the story in other unique ways. Similar to Call Of Duty’s post-launch seasons, Battlefield 2042 will also feature game progression via series-like events – giving the game, at very least, some proper narrative.

What Is Battlefield Exodus?

It seems clear that, outside of Battlefields 2042’s seasons, both DICE and EA are planning to origins of the game story clear via a cinematic movie trailer. Unlike other games, where trailers usually involve scenes of in-game play and the occasional cinematic shot, Battlefield 2042 will feature a unique short movie. It will likely follow fictional journalist Kayvan Bechir and the journey of the No-pats, paving the groundwork for the story of the game.

The short film will be called Exodus and it will feature the ‘events that trigger an all-out war’ in the game.

How Do I Watch Battlefield 2042 Exodus?

Luckily, with only a couple of days left until the official unveiling of the trailer, there are a tonne of ways you can actually tune into Exodus.

Most will likely go to the official YouTube channel, where the film premiers in just 2 days time.

However, you can go to the official Battlefield 2042 website as well.

How Long Will Battlefield 2042 Exodus Be?

Many have already started looking for clues as to how long the short film will actually be. The latest estimations are around 9minutes – according to a variety of Reddit posts.

You can also search for the trailer in Google – where YouTube says it will run for 9:07 minutes.

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