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Is Battlefield 2042 Crossplay – Battlefield 2042 Cross Platform

Battlefield 2042 Crossplay? Could be interesting.

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A while back after the announcement of Battlefield 2042, EA stated that Dice is looking to build and test Battlefield 2042 crossplay. This would mean that gamers from all walks of life would be able to play the FPS title cross platform, pitting Xbox against Playstation and unfortunately for console gamers, against the mighty PC players too.

By the time of release on October 22nd, DICE could in theory scrap crossplay, we are just going to have to wait and see. The Battlefield Playtest Beta begins soon with six sessions scheduled.

Battlefield 2042 Crossplay For PS4 & Xbox One?

The prospect of PC, Playstation 5, and Xbox Series X/S owners playing together is only really for the benefit of the console gamers and it isn’t just for next-gen either. PS4 and Xbox One players can also enjoy some Battlefield 2042 cross platform action, however, this will be separate from other platforms entirely, which is likely down to the increase from 64 player servers to 128.

Battlefield 2042 Cross Progression & Cross Commerce

It doesn’t appear to end with just crossplay, Battlefield 2042 devs look to bring us cross progression and cross commerce too, meaning you can possibly transfer achievements and in-game purchases. At this point, there could be a few console players starting to get worried but don’t, it looks as though there will be an option to opt-out of crossplay in Battlefield 2042.

Were Other Battlefield Games Crossplay?

While it looks likely that DICE is trying its best to implement crossplay into Battlefield 2042, let’s take a look and see if any previous titles got the same treatment.

Is Battlefield 5 Cross Platform?

No, Battlefield 5 was not developed for crossplay across all platforms. The changes a lot of the console community were waiting for though look like they are being built and tested in the latest edition from the franchise.

Is Battlefield 1 Cross Platform?

Despite being a massive success across all platforms, no, Battlefield 1 does not feature crossplay. This feature is starting to become a bit more popular, however, it only really works with certain games.

Is Battlefield 4 Cross Platform?

Crossplay is not possible in Battlefield 4 as at the time of release, cross platform gaming wasn’t as popular as it is now.

Final Word

So, will Battlefield 2042 be cross platform? Well, for the first time ever, it looks incredibly likely. I have no doubt the devs over at DICE are testing it out, as it is a feature that appears to have grown in popularity (for extremely obvious reasons).

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