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Where to buy RTX 4060 Ti US, UK, Canada, & more (Now available)

Looking to buy a good choice of lower end card then we bring you the range of retailers

Updated: May 24, 2023 2:42 pm
Where to buy RTX 4060 Ti

If you are looking where to buy the RTX 4060 Ti, you have come to the right place and we fully expect the likes of Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg, Scan, Overclockers, and more to start listing this card over the next few days. The RTX 4060 Ti release date has finally arrived, and you will be able to buy the 4060 Ti at our predicted release time of 2PM BST. We will be continually updating this page with the various AIB models that will go on sale.

For those looking to pre order, generally speaking, you can’t. There may be some retailers that offer this but the norm is everyone gets a chance to buy when the cards go live on launch day. Some retailers put up buying pages early, others do not but if you see them you can request to be notified when the card becomes available via email.

If you are building a new gaming PC featuring the RTX 4060 Ti GPU, you may want the best CPU to support its performance. You may also need a new gaming monitor if you are upgrading your system, here are the best.

Where to buy RTX 4060 Ti (8GB)

As you look to find your next best graphics card, there are plenty of places to look for it. The review embargo drops today (23/05/2023), giving us greater insight into the overall performance. Some retailers (Amazon.it Best Buy, Scan. OCUK, Ebuyer) are already going live with their RTX 4060 Ti product pages. We have even seen an RTX 4060 Ti prebuilt go live on Amazon UK.

Where to buy RTX 4060 Ti US

All available retailers below

Newegg US

Amazon US

Best Buy US

Newegg US

Where to buy RTX 4060 Ti UK


CCL Online


Overclockers UK



Where to buy RTX 4060 Ti Canada

Best Buy CA

Newegg CA

Where to buy RTX 4060 Ti Europe

When can you buy the RTX 4060 Ti (8GB)?

The card is going to be available on May 24th, with the other SKUs coming in July. It is quite common to see them launch at around 2PM BST, however, this isn’t confirmed. The 4060 Ti will be available from all major retailers, so you can choose which ever is your preferred basket is on the day and go from there. We expect stock levels to be solid but no official numbers just yet.

Can you pre order the RTX 4060 Ti?

Generally speaking you cannot pre order graphics cards before launch. You can ask retailers to notify you when they go back in stock, or possible ask your local store to reserve one, however, a GPU launch is often first come first serve. We aren’t plagued with stock issues like a year ago and beyond, so there isn’t much to worry about and refills will be running like clockwork after the initial sales period.

Will Amazon stock the RTX 4060 Ti?

Amazon are one of the biggest retailers in the world, so yes, they will be stocking the RTX 4060 Ti. While some retailers have already started publishing product pages. We are still waiting for Amazon to go live with theirs. The GPU should be available to buy at the same time as it is for other retailers.

Should you buy the RTX 4060 Ti at launch or wait?

If the performance numbers meet your expectations and the card fits your budget, then you should go for it. If however, you are considering the non-Ti RTX 4060, you should hold out until the July launch.

Which retailers have the RTX 4060 Ti?

There are a number of big retailers expected to stock the RTX 4060 Ti.

This varies on region, but some names include Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg, Scan, and Overclockers UK.

Is the RTX 4060 Ti out yet?

The RTX 4060 Ti isn’t currently out just yet.

Despite that, we have all the expected retailers for this newer Nvidia GPU in one place, ready for when the graphics card goes live.

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