Where To Buy Intel Z490 Motherboards

There has been a lot of back and forth recently between Intel and AMD, regarding their newest lines of CPUs and compatible motherboards. Arriving just in time to support the latest 10th Generation Intel CPUs is the new line of Z490 Chipset motherboards, with some of these MOBOs available to buy right now, and some due for release in the not so distant future.

Why Should I Buy A Z490 Motherboard?

If you are looking into upgrading your CPU and have your eyes set on a new Intel chip, then you should definitely consider upgrading your motherboard to a new Z490 model. The CPU socket on the Z490 motherboards are LG200 sockets – meaning that they are only compatible with the new 10th generation chipset from Intel, and any previous generation processors won’t work with the Z490 motherboard.

Some of the new Z490 motherboards will also be capable of handling PCI Express 4.0, meaning that if you are looking to upgrade your setup with a mind on an upgrade path down the line, making sure that you pick a Z490 MOBO capable of handling PCI Express 4.0 could be a smart decision if you are hoping to increase processor speed alongside with Intel integrating it into their chipsets.

Where Can I Buy A Z490 Motherboard?

Check out the links below for a definitive list of all the different Z490 motherboard options from different major retailers from around the world. Obviously, we will update the list as more motherboards go on sale, but right now this is the definitive rundown on where to buy the new Z490 motherboards right now.

Intel Z490 Motherboard Release: USA
All the Z490 Motherboards available on Amazon.com

Intel Z490 Motherboard Release: Canada
All the Z490 Motherboards available on Amazon.ca

Intel Z490 Motherboard Release: UK
All of the Z490 Motherboards available on Amazon.co.uk
All of the Z490 Motherboards available on Scan
All of the Z490 Motherboards available on Novatech

Intel Z490 Motherboard Release: Europe
France – Amazon Link
Germany – Amazon Link
Spain – Amazon Link
Italy – Amazon Link

Have any questions, or looking for a Motherboard in a region not included in this list? Let us know in the comments below!