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Secretlab Magnus Desk Review

The Magnus! It's Mag-tastic!

Updated: Oct 19, 2023 11:52 am
SecretLab Magnus Desk 35

Secretlab, a brand synonymous with gaming chairs has now branched out to the realm of gaming desks. After years of success, it was unsurprising to see Secretlab move this way, if anything, long overdue. Today we are going to be reviewing the Secretlab Magnus desk, a metal piece of furniture, with a unique magnetic ecosystem that’s main feature is to take care of your cable management in the easiest, most efficient way possible.

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Highly Recommended
Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk
secretlab magnus desk review
Type Gaming Desk
Max Weight Load Table Top: 100KG, Rear Cover: 25KG
Dimensions 1500mm (L) x 700 (W) x 735mm + 20mm (H)
RGB Yes, sold separately

Tech Specs
Type Gaming Desk
Max Weight Load Table Top: 100KG, Rear Cover: 25KG
Dimensions 1500mm (L) x 700 (W) x 735mm + 20mm (H)
RGB Yes, sold separately

  • Magnetic functionality
  • High-quality materials
  • Sleek design
  • MAGPAD & Cable Management Bundle are incredibly good add-ons
  • Slight wobble
  • Expensive
  • Should come with a few of the add-ons as standard

Packaging & Setup

Just like Secretlab chairs, the packaging is high-quality and protects the internal components as it should. Each little add-on we received arrived undamaged and secured in recessed foam, with the included tool kit being somewhat of a godsend. The instructions are incredibly easy to understand and the average build time should take most people between 15-30 minutes. Due to the size of the desk, you would benefit from a second pair of hands but the assembly process is simple enough for one too.

For the assembly process, I’d highly recommend a drill but the included tools are more than enough to get the job done.

SecretLab Magnus Desk

We received:

  • Magnus Metal Desk
  • Signature Stealth MAGPAD Desk Mat
  • Cable Management Bundle
  • MAGRGB Diffused RGB Strip
  • Magnetic Bumpers


The first thing that strikes you with the Magnus desk is its “signature” Secretlab gamer aesthetic. This design style instantly limits the number of people who may be interested but for those that love a gaming desk, this is one of the best I’ve seen. The all-black look is simplistic and certainly one I favor, with the odd flare coming from the embossed Secretlab logos, red highlights on the legs, and red stitching on the MAGPAD. One of the desk’s major design pros is the floating illusion, with the desktop looking as though it is levitating, which really does make the Magnus look unique.

SecretLab Magnus Desk 34

Overall the desk is what you may consider being standard, there is nothing out of the ordinary in terms of its dimensions either. We have the larger 1500mm(1.5m) version here but Secretlab also sells a 1200mm(1.2m) option too. If you are tight on space, or simply do not need the bigger desks, you can take advantage of the more affordable 1.2m model. Regardless, both the 1.2m and 1.5m options have the same 700mm width, a height of 735mm, with 720mm of that being space for your legs, which can easily fit a full tower too. The 1.5m desk we have here weighed around 53KG in the packaging and about 41KG without. The smaller version only weighs in at around 35KG, so you are less likely to need help when building the 1.2m model, however, I’d still recommend getting a spare pair of hands.

SecretLab Magnus Desk 22

While the height is big enough for most, it can be extended a further 20mm. You have to crank each leg manually but this feature is paramount to the overall design and gives the product a lot more flexibility with the varied users that are likely to buy this. Each leg features measurement indicators, so you can accurately raise the desk but, if you happen to play on an uneven surface, let’s say there is a rug halfway under the desk, you can adjust the legs so that the desktop is level.

SecretLab Magnus Desk 11


The desk is simplistic but highly functional, and solid, as you would expect for the price, with the majority being made from metal. Of course, the main concept behind the Magnus desk is its magnetism, with every added feature snapping to the desk in a very satisfying way. The surface feels as though it has been powder coated and would be fairly durable, however, without the MAGPAD, I imagine you can expect similar wear and tear to other desks. Picking up the desk with no add-ons may not be advisable but you are still getting a nice-looking, well-designed bit of kit, and the built-in cable management tray is a huge selling point.

Base Secretlab Magnus comes with:

  • Cable Management Tray
  • Cable Management Tray Cover
  • Free Secretlab MAGPAD Desk Mat – Signature Stealth Edition (launch promotion)

Cable Management

As you can see above, the base product comes with the cable management tray, as it is technically part of the desk itself. The tray sits hidden at the rear and is only visible from the back, which is likely to be against a wall in most people’s setups.

SecretLab Magnus Desk 29

You can access the tray primarily through the hinged top cover that shares identical materials to the rest of the desktop, with a slight beveled edge and etched branding. The hinges are heavy-duty and stiff enough to keep the cover upright when accessing inside. The secondary spot of access to the tray is from underneath at the front, through a magnetic trapdoor. The smaller magnetic cover can give you alternative access to a power extension cable, allowing you to quickly swap out different plugs when needed.

SecretLab Magnus Desk 24

The Secretlab MAGPAD Desk Mat

With the launch promotion, you are actually getting the MAGPAD free with the Magnus desk, and just in case you haven’t guessed, it’s magnetic! I’d love to say the MAGPAD is an area you can potentially save money when it is no longer on offer but I’d be lying, it’s fantastic. Unless you follow Secretlabs instructions on how to roll out the MAGPAD, you may struggle to get this evenly across the surface quickly but it is pretty straightforward to follow.

SecretLab Magnus Desk 16

The MAGPAD covers the entire main desktop segment of the Magnus, spanning about 1,485mm x 585mm. The MAGPAD comes with two magnetic end covers that slide into place, which combine with several magnets throughout the pad to snap it securely to the desk.

SecretLab Magnus Desk 8

You can easily use the MAGPAD as a mouse pad but it is noticeably less smooth than your standard cloth pads, so those that require mouse consistency are still going to want to have a mouse pad on top of this. The pad features some similar branding as the Secretlab Titan chairs, with red stitching around the edges. If you are planning on buying the desk, I’d say this is a must-have extra, you won’t be disappointed, plus it protects the surface from inevitable wear and tear.

SecretLab Magnus Desk 13

Cable Management Bundle

The best add-on for the Magnus desk is the cable management bundle, the second must-have if you plan on buying this. The bundle comes with a set of three magnetic anchors that not only look extremely cool but are highly functional and great for keeping your charging cables at arm’s length, ready to go.

SecretLab Magnus Desk 28

Another clever addition to the bundle is the set of two cable sheaths, that are also magnetic and seamlessly stick to the table legs to conceal any power cables you need to run to the nearest outlet. Finally, Secretlab has thrown in some velcro fastening straps to help tidy up the cables in your management tray.

SecretLab Magnus Desk 32

The entire bundle is not only highly functional but the aesthetics tie in with the overall design in a very pleasing way.

SecretLab Magnus Desk 33

Magnetic Bumpers

Another optional extra with the Magnus is the magnetic bumpers. We received a pack of four, which are rubberized on the outside, so they can be snapped magnetically to the table legs, preventing any scuffing on your nearest wall.

MAGRGB Diffused RGB Strip

The final add-on we received is the impressively bright RGB strip. This strip is diffused in two areas to produce a rainbow-like glow to the back of the desk. I have to say, in a darkened room, this works really well but it is an area many may look to save money. In theory, you could easily create the same effect with a much cheaper product, however, this one does have integrated, strong magnets, snapping it into place very easily.

SecretLab Magnus Desk 31

If you orientate the RGB strip the correct way, assuming you have your PC on the right so you can see through the tempered glass, then, unfortunately, the USB power connector that powers the strip will not reach the PC. You can plug it into your monitor or a USB hub if needed, or as I did, plug in a USB plug, so no real issue but worth pointing out.

SecretLab Magnus Desk 18

The RGB Strip comes with a small remote control, enabling you to change the effects, go for a solid color, and turn it off entirely.

What Else Does The Secretlab Magnus Desk Offer?

Taking Secretlab chairs as a prime example, it is not crazy to think that they may release this desk in several different color options. Currently, you can buy different MANPADS to the Signature Stealth one we have here, albeit esports organization branded models but at least it shows possible customization options in the future.

The last add-on is something we didn’t receive but would recommend it if you hate leaving your headset on the desk – The Magnetic Headphone Hanger. Like everything else, the hanger snaps onto whichever spot you desire, providing you with a stable headset hook at arms reach.

Final Word

The gaming desk market had become pretty stale, with the majority barely offering anything near the level of functionality and quality we see from the Magnus. For anyone that is looking exclusively for a gaming desk and doesn’t require one with standing functionality, the Magnus is a great, albeit expensive, shout.

Do keep in mind, it is advisable to get the MAGPAD and cable management bundle, otherwise, it is just a desk with a tray. A small minor gripe is the slight wobble, which in fairness, fades when you have a PC and monitor on there weighing it down but it is worth pointing out that this may not be as stable as we would like for the price.

The Magnus not only looks great but comes with some incredible little extras to potentially become the greatest gaming desk on the market. This desk oozes quality, the magnetic concept is very innovative, and cable management is made simple, a great gaming desk.

Highly Recommended
Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk
secretlab magnus desk review
Type Gaming Desk
Max Weight Load Table Top: 100KG, Rear Cover: 25KG
Dimensions 1500mm (L) x 700 (W) x 735mm + 20mm (H)
RGB Yes, sold separately

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