What Game You Should Play Based On Your Major

A very serious and scientific list

best video game for your major
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As we start heading to the start fo the new school year, thoughts begin to turn to the months of academic study that lie ahead. Or, for those of us who feel like university was a lifetime ago, we look back on those hedonistic college years of partying late and sleeping in until noon. Those really were the days. And, I know you’ve seen hundreds of “What Your Major Says About You” articles floating around over the years, but I’m here with something much more scientific. We’re looking at what the best video game is for you based on your major. And yes, this is a 100% well researched, peer-reviewed article. (Meaning I asked the work chat for suggestions and here we are). If your major isn’t featured, don’t be offended – it just means I couldn’t think of a humorous game to link to it.

Psychology: The Sims 4

So, you like studying the human brain, and what makes us tick? Well, try figuring out why people love killing off their Sims in such inventive and sadistic ways. I’ve been playing this game for two decades now and I still have no idea why it just feels so good to create that person you can’t stand and then trap them in the pool while removing the ladder…no idea at all.

Politics: Civilization

The murky world of politics is a difficult land to explore, but you can explore different political inclinations without any of the real-world consequences in the Civilization games. Want to try taking the kill first, ask questions later approach? Play as Genghis Khan and slaughter your way to victory. Fancy using payouts and city-state alliances to gain political power? Give the Merchant of Venice a try. There really is something for everyone here.

Medicine: Surgeon Simulator

Pissed they won’t let you practice any of the fun medical stuff until years of boring theory lectures? Load up Surgeon Simulator and live out your slice and dice dreams – without actually endangering some poor person’s life. Master this game, and you’ll have no trouble when your surgical internship actually begins.

Business Management: Two Point Hospital

Want to know what it really takes to run a successful business these days? Two Point Hospital will give you all the tools you need to deal with limited funds, manage staff, make a profit, and help people. Help them by curing diseases such as Jest Infections, Mime Crisis, and Night Fever, but still.

Biochemistry: Plague Inc.

Do you want to be ready to rock when the next global pandemic hits? Plague Inc lets you play as a deadly disease trying to wipe out the human population. And they always say, you have to know your enemy to defeat them, right?

Catering: Overcooked

Let me tell you something right now, if you want to go into catering and you can’t handle the stress of Overcooked, this might not be the profession. Not only will this game get you used to preparing food for demanding customers, but it’s also preparing you for the Saturday night rush when all you want to do it close out the kitchen so you can actually get a few hours sleep before you have to go back in and start prepping for Sunday lunches. Oh wow, this just got way too realistic.

Law: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

The most important part of being a lawyer is shouting “Objection!” at opportune moments in court right? Well, Phoneix Wright knows how to do that, and now you can too! Who needs a fancy law degree when you have Ace Attorney on your side?

Wildlife Conservation: Planet Zoo

Level with me now. If you’re going into the world of wildlife conservation it’s because of all the cute animals, right? Well, Planet Zoo has those in abundance and it also shows you what life could really be like for you managing ridiculous zoos and chasing down escaped Chimpanzees as they terrorize your visitors.

Communications: Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

The ultimate test of your communication skills is Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes. One of you can see a bomb, one of you can see the instructions to defuse it, both of you need to work together to save the day. Much more taxing than any task your professors set you, I assure you.

Agriculture: Stardew Valley

OK, so this was an easy one but if you love farming then you’re really going to love Stardew Valley. Cute pixels, farming your own crops, romancing the whole town – it’s an agricultural student’s dream, right?

Computer Science: PC Building Simulator

Want to get to grips building a PC? Well, in this PC game you can build a PC to play games on. Although, since you need to build a PC to play this game in the first place, maybe just stick with the real thing with this one. (And you can follow our very own guide on How To Build A Gaming PC while you do it).

Architecture: Minecraft

If you want to make your career designing complex structures in creative ways while still having to dodge crazy clients and demanding bosses – Minecraft is the kind of game that can really help you prepare for that. And with some of the insane mods in the game now, there’s more room for creativity than ever before.

History: Total War Saga Troy

Take a creative look back on one of the most famous moments in history that historians aren’t even sure actually happened. But you still get to enjoy seeing the possibly-historic battles up close and personal without having to invent any kind of time travel with Total War Saga Troy.

Philosophy: Disco Elysium

If you want to work on the question of which is more important: a sense of self or helping solve a murder then Disco Elysium is the game for you. Playing as a mess of a detective with no memories, you get to see how the experiences and choices they face shape their belief system. Oh, and there’s still that pesky murder to solve if you fancy it.

Any Of The Creative Arts: Don’t Starve

I’m half-joking. I was also an arts student, and knowing how to not starve on very limited resources is, unfortunately, a career entry-requirement for any aspiring creative.