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Can you use VIVE Pro controllers with VIVE XR Elite?

No, but you wouldn't need to, anyway

Updated: Mar 8, 2023 10:31 am
Can you use VIVE Pro controllers with VIVE XR Elite?

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Released in 2018, the VIVE Pro controller is a powerful controller designed to let you interact and play in the virtual world wirelessly. It was originally designed to work with HTC VIVE, VIVE Pro, and VIVE Cosmos Series. But can you use VIVE Pro controller with VIVE XR Elite?

With VIVE XR Elite’s release, fans cannot wait to learn which VIVE accessories are compatible with XR Elite. So does the VIVE Pro controller work with VIVE XR Elite?

Read on to find out if you can use the VIVE Pro controller with VIVE XR Elite. 

Can you use VIVE Pro controller with VIVE XR Elite?

The VIVE XR Elite is a standalone unit that does not use a Base Station right now. So it does not use first- or second-generation controllers (PRO or VIVE controllers). It is only currently compatible with the VIVE XR Elite controllers. 

So you cannot use VIVE Pro or VIVE controllers with your VIVE XR Elite headset. The VIVE Pro controllers are only compatible with HTC VIVE (with Base Station), VIVE Pro Series, and VIVE Cosmos Elite. 

They are also compatible with the VIVE Cosmos External Tracking Faceplate when using SteamVR Base Station or Base Station. So you can use them with these accessories and Base Stations.

But as for the VIVE XR Elite, it is a standalone headset that does not use a Base Station. Therefore, a controller like the VIVE Pro that uses a Base Station, cannot work with a standalone headset like the VIVE XR Elite. 

The VIVE XR Elite comes with its own controllers, known as the VIVE XR Elite controllers. These controllers do not require a Base Station to use.

Can you use the Vive Pro controller with the Vive XR Elite?

No. however, this isn’t a problem as the Vive XR Elite comes with it’s own controllers.

Do the Vive XR Elite controllers need base stations?

No, the Vive XR Elite uses inside-out tracking, meaning that external base stations aren’t necessary.

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