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RTX 4090 Ti vs 4090 rumored – when it keeps getting bigger

With so much power already, the 4090 Ti suggestions sure are a surprise this early

Updated: Feb 23, 2024 10:27 am
RTX 4090 Ti vs 4090 rumored – when it keeps getting bigger

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It is looking likely that the 4090 Ti may have been postponed and not released. We last heard of it in November 2023 so it may be better to look to the RTX 50 series instead.

The Ada series of graphics cards launched in October of 2022, with the RTX 4090. Bringing in the next generation of the best graphics cards they are a powerful range. So now with rumors of the next card, we look to the RTX 4090 Ti vs 4090 to see what we might expect.

The RTX 4000 series brings with it a lot of new features, one of which is DLSS 3 as the frame generation hardware is featured. So even the RTX 4090 is an absolute powerhouse and quite an enthusiast option with its price and size. Even though it’s the top-end cards that have been released, as even the RTX 4070 Ti is an expensive choice, there are rumors of the RTX 4090 Ti coming out. With the specs even higher, and stronger. So we look at how it might just compare to the previous flagship.

RTX 4090 Ti rumored specs
RTX 4090 Ti rumored specifications, source: @kopite7kimi

RTX 4090 Ti vs 4090 specifications

At the moment, the RTX 4090 Ti specifications are only rumored. So although the source is reliable, there is still the possibility these may change before the release. But for now, it can give a good idea of what the difference is.

So we see what makes the two differ. First of all, they are still likely based on the same GPU. With the AD102 the top-end pick for the series. The 4090 has the AD102-300 so we can expect the Ti version to be at least an AD102-350 like the 3090 vs 3090 Ti compared.

The next difference is the cores found in the two cards. As the 4090 Ti reportedly has 11% more, with 1,792 more than the 4090. Which gives it even more power to run games at higher power. The same is found in the SM count with 14 more, another 11% increase over the non-Ti version.

Where there’s no change between the two options is the memory on the card. It doesn’t change from the 24GB of GDDR6X with a 384-bit bus as well. Although the memory speed is supposedly being upped by 14%, up to 24 Gbps.

Another speculation is that the 4090 Ti is going to use the full possible power for the board. With the TBP being 150W higher at 600W, which would still only require one 16-pin power connector.

RTX 4090 Ti (Rumored)RTX 4090
ArchitectureAda (TSMC N4)Ada (TSMC N4)
Board numberPG139/136-SKU310PG139/136-SKU330
CUDA cores18,17616,384
L2 cache96 MB72MB
Memory bus384-bit384-bit
Memory Speed24 Gbps21 Gbps
TBP~600W450W default, 600W max
Power connectors1x 16-pin1x 16-pin


Although there is little concrete knowledge on the card as of now, the current rumors do give us a good look at what might be a good comparison of the RTX 4090 Ti vs 4090. As expected this would be a great increase in performance and abilities, at the cost of power and price.

So it isn’t unexpected as a launch product. What is though is it if were to come out before a cheaper range of cards. Even the current option of the RTX 4070 Ti still has an MSRP of $799 USD and makes the Ada range very out of range for a lot of customers. Along with that and the price inflation of the range, it does show Nvidia’s desire for more profit.

RTX 4090 Ti vs 4090 FAQs

How does the 4090 Ti differ from the 4090?

According to rumors, the 4090 Ti has 1,792 more CUda cores, and 14 more SMs than the 4090. It also increases the L2 cache by 24MB and the memory speed by 3 Gbps. And it is expected to use the whole 600W available for its board power.

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