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Best GPU for Intel i5 – our top i5 graphics cards for gaming

As a lower end CPU there isn't too much limiting your choices, so we have the best GPUs for Intel i5

Updated: Mar 12, 2024 10:38 am
Best GPU for Intel i5 – our top i5 graphics cards for gaming

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A lower-end choice for processors requires good graphics to match, as we find the best GPU for Intel i5 CPUs. There are plenty of generations with that name but they do differ with time. But they all come with a similar price point and performance expectation. That way you can match the graphics to the processing.

The Intel i5 is the lower-end option choice for Intel processors. But this doesn’t mean they are not capable of good performance. Modern CPUs are unlikely to bottleneck any option you choose from. As most games are more GPU intensive than CPU, so you can get a lot more out of your system with a lower-choice CPU. So let’s find the best graphics card for your i5 CPU.

Best GPU for Intel i5

One of the best CPUs for budget gaming, the Intel i5 has a lot to offer no matter the generation you go for. Here we have a good range of choices that match up nicely.

Best graphics card for i5

ASUS Dual GeForce RTX 4070 Super OC Edition

ASUS Dual GeForce RTX 4070 Super OC Edition

Base clock

2520 MHz

Boost clock

2550 MHz

Memory size





267 x 133 x 51 mm

  • Sold at MSRP and gives a great value choice
  • Small compact build for the GPU
  • Great energy efficiency
  • No DisplayPort 2.0 support

One of the more exciting value propositions from Nvidia’s Ada generation is our choice for the best GPU for Intel i5 processors. That’s why the RTX 4070 Super is a great pairing for the range of processors. It comes with a much better value than the original 4070 had to offer, with a boost in performance and specs, you get a lot more punch for the money, which comes in at $599 MSRP.

On offer, you get an AD104-350 GPU processor, made with TSMCs 5nm node. Providing you with 7,168 CUDA cores, 224 TMUs, 80 ROPs, 56 SMs, 224 Tensor, and 56 RT cores. With a total of 220W powering up the card features 12GB of GDDR6X memory with the 192-bit bus providing a bandwidth of 504GB/s. The factory clock on the card comes with a base of 1,980MHz, and a boost clock up to 2,475MHz, but custom models like the ASUS Dual overclock the GPU with this one reaching 2,550MHz providing a slight frame rate boost.

As we got hands-on with the GPU, in our 4070 Super review, we got to see how well it performs. Bridging the gap against the 4070 Ti brings a wide range of capabilities as it has the capability for even 4K gaming. It might not reach hundreds of FPS in it at max settings but that can be worked on with settings and any boosts with the likes of DLSS 3 where possible. All in all, providing you with a strong budget GPU.

Best AMD GPU for Intel i5



Core clock speed

2,254MHz game, 2,565MHz boost

Stream processors





326 x 126 x58mm

PSU required




  • Ridged backplate provides 33% more surface area for heat dissipation
  • Great value in general for the performance it offers
  • A card costing more than the MSRP of the GPU
  • Worse productivity performance than Nvidia

Now for one of the best AMD GPUs for value and performance, especially for Intel i5s, we suggest the RX 7800 XT. A later addition to the RDNA 3 lineup, it provided a bit more reasonable option for gaming at the mid-level, considering the previous options really were the 7900 cards. Coming in with a recommended price of $499, it is a great choice for gaming on value, but let’s see what you get for that.

The graphics card features the Navi 32 GPU processor, utilizing the MCM design with multiple chips inside. Allowing it to utilize both 5 and 6nm TSMC processes and improve upon its design and function. Inside that, you get 3,840 stream processors, 240 TMUs, 96 ROPs, 60 compute units, and 60 RT cores. It comes with 16GB of GDDR6 memory which with the 256-bit bus gives a bandwidth of 624 GB/s. Whilst the total power for the card comes to 263W.

When it comes to performance, propped up against the 4070 Super it doesn’t quite reach the same levels but it does come in at $100 less in the recommended price. That pushes the value much higher for the performance on offer, even though 4K might be a push it is targeting 1440p, but nothing some setting tweaks can’t fix. Or you can rely on the likes of RSR to give a quick boost. It does however lack the strength of Team Green when it comes to ray tracing performance and rendering, not to say it can’t but just not as well. But for pure rasterization gaming, you get a great graphics card.

Best budget GPU for Intel i5

MSI Ventus 2X Black RTX 4060 8GB

MSI Ventus RTX 4060 Graphics Card

Clock Speed

2,505MHz (MSI center), 2,490MHz without



Thermal Design

Twin Fan

Power Input

1x 8 pin EPS


199 x 120 x 41 mm

  • Cheapest Ada card with DLSS 3 access
  • Small and compact design
  • Not much improvement over previous gen
  • Expensive for what it has to offers

Now looking for the cheapest but top choice for the job and the best budget GPU for Intel i5, we recommend the RTX 4060. Providing you with an entry into the latest generation without having to spend too much for the pleasure. Coming in with an MSRP of $299 it does offer up a strong choice for the low end. It might not be an ideal solution but it is a good choice overall as it still offers a strong performance.

The GPU itself brings with it the AD107-400 processor on the same node as the 4070 Super and Ada series. But the 60 model comes with a cut down to 3,072 CUDA cores, 96 TMUs, 48 ROPs, 24 SMs, 24 RT, and 96 Tensor cores. Offering up to 8GB of GDDR6 memory to match that uses a 128-bit bus for a bandwidth of 272GB/s. That comes with a frequency of 1.83 GHz base clock, with a 2.46GHz boost, and an overclock on the MSI model of 2.5GHz, whilst requiring a power of just 115W.

We took a look at what the GPU has to offer in our RTX 4060 review. It is primarily a 1080p graphics card, it can be pushed further in some cases, but it is more of an entry-level option. That does pair up nicely with an i5 CPU and you can always upgrade further down the line.

What GPU should I pair with an Intel i5?

To get a good pairing for your Intel i5 processor there are plenty of options to pick from, be it budget or performance you can find something for your needs. At the top of the list, we have the RTX 4070 Super, for the latest generation and strong performance. Whilst from AMD you can find the 7800 XT with a strong value offering, with the budget choice as the RTX 4060.

Can i5 handle RTX 4080?

Yes, an Intel i5 processor is a good match for the RTX 4080. CPUs only really have an effect on performance at 1080p and lower resolutions. Whilst a 4080 should not be used for those lower graphics, that means the impact will be minimal on your performance with an i5.

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