Destiny 2’s Premier Live Event Was A Bit Of A Slow Burn

In a style similar to how Fortnite handles their in-game events, Bungie finished up their first attempt at a live in-game event over the weekend to some mixed reception. While the end result was quite spectacular, a series of delays and a large time investment irked some fans.

What Happened During The Event?

If you didn’t have the time to participate in the event, you’re going to have to rely on spoilers and videos to find out what happened, unfortunately. Over the last three months, Bungie has slowly been building up a conflict between Rasputin, an artificial intelligence supercomputer, and the Almighty, a large planet-destroying ship.

This all ultimately culminated in an in-game event showdown between the two, with the result being that the Almighty was destroyed. While this sounds exciting on paper, what actually happened didn’t live up to many fans’ expectations.

The event got off to a rocky start when fans logged in early to witness the event and when the scheduled time came around nothing happened. Some players left, assuming the event was canceled and others waited around to see. It was only 20 minutes later when the event started.

The event went down as expected, with large clusters of laser beams being fired towards the Almighty… but at an incredibly slow pace. It wasn’t until an hour after the planned start time that fans started to see the explosions. The actual explosion of the Almighty didn’t occur until roughly 90 minutes after the planned start date, making this a cut-scene that starts to rival some we’d see in a Metal Gear Solid game.

This isn’t to say the results weren’t great though! The feeling of standing around in the world, watching conflict unravel in the skies above while not being able to do anything about it was an interesting experience, to say the least. This got all the more impressive when the Almighty began spiraling down straight towards the players below…

With bits of debris flying off, impressive sound design, and a large crash landing just behind the Tower, players could be seen running for cover as the mayhem unfolded. After the Almighty finished its downward journey, players could even interact with the debris to be awarded an emblem.

Will We See More Events Like This?

This was definitely an ambitious project undertaken by Bungie and was, hiccups aside, pretty impressive. It’s obvious that Bungie has taken some inspiration from the success of Fortnite’s live events and what makes them so fun. In the past, we’ve seen a live Travis Scott show projected onto a skyscraper, a mecha-monster showdown, and even an apocalyptic black hole event.

Some fans were a bit upset that the event was delayed, but for a first time attempt, we didn’t expect smooth sailing. Others were upset at the length of the ‘cutscene’ and would have preferred a shorter experience. All in all, we’re just glad that it happened at all and look forward to seeing what the future brings.

We hope that some of the player feedback is taken into account before the next event launches though. A rough time frame of the event duration would be nice, especially for those who only had a spare 15 minutes.

What did you think of the live event? Would you want to see more or is it too much of a time investment for you? Be sure to keep checking back here at WePC for all the latest news. We’ll keep an eye out for more Destiny 2 news, especially any live future events.

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