Everything We Learned From The Destiny 2 Reveal

There’s been a flurry of Destiny 2 news lately, we’ve had live in-game events, the end of a season and now we’ve got some information on the future of the game. With Destiny 2 Season 11 going live just recently, we thought we’d put together a full rundown of what you can expect from this new season, as well as some information about planned future updates.

Destiny 2: Season Of Arrivals Goes Live

This new season has been named “Season of Arrival” and has only recently gone live. Following on from the epic conclusion of last season, players have a lot to look forward to this time around.

Players will be able to explore a new dungeon called Prophecy. This dungeon will include new DAITO Foundry armor and a “reprised” Trials of the Nine armor.

Guardians will now face a new event beneath the ship where the enemies of humanity have been summoned by a mysterious power. This season will also allow players to fine-tune their reward drops and season pass holders will be able to unlock the new Witherhoard grenade launcher as well as a new seasonal armor set.

What we know so far has opened up an enticing mystery. Who are these new characters/Arrivals and what are they planning? We’ll likely learn more as the season progresses, but for now, it seems like the perfect time to jump in.

Expansions Coming Soon

It’s always exciting reading about the future of a game. Bungie has revealed plans for the next three years of expansions which have given fans a lot to look forward to. Each expansion is set to add a brand new destination to the game.

The first one is Destiny 2: Beyond Light which will be coming on September 22. Beyond Light will be the first installment of this three-year trilogy of expansions and will tell the story of the Guardians’ fight with the Darkness.

“Beyond Light takes you to Europa, the frozen moon of Jupiter, birthplace to the Exo machines and the site of the Deep Stone Crypt,” explained Mark Noseworthy, general manager at Bungie.

“On Europa, you’ll meet Eramis, the leader of an empire of Fallen. She’s learning to harness the power that comes directly from the pyramid ships.

“To defeat her, you’ll have to harness that power too. For the first time since Destiny 1 launched six years ago, Guardians will acquire a brand new damage type called Stasis. So not just supers or a new grenade, an actual new damage type in the universe.”

The new damage type called Stasis should be a big game-changer. Up until this point, Guardians have had to wield Arc, Solar, and Void damage types. So, this new addition should make for some great variety.

According to Destiny 2 director Luke Smith, we should see some more information about Stasis later on this year. For now, there’s a clip that shows us a little of what to expect.

Planned for a 2021 release, Bungie teased another expansion with a brand new villain. “The next year, a villain will step in from the shadows in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen.”

We also got some information on what we can expect after this as well. In 2022, another expansion called Lightfall will be available and will feature a “climactic showdown between Light and Darkness”.

Noseworthy went on to say: “We think of them almost like a trilogy of expansions telling a larger, overarching story arc together.”

It’s great to see such an ambitious roadmap spanning the next three years! We can’t wait to see how it’ll all turn out.

The Destiny Content Vault

Aside from the huge announcements for the next three expansions, Bungie has also announced their plans for a Destiny Content Vault – but what is it?

The Content Vault is a rotational retirement scheme where some of the older content will end up. This Content Vault will launch alongside the Beyond Light expansion in September.

In the Content Vault, we’ll see “less actively played” areas and activities cycled out of the live game to make room for newer content. We’re not sure if this is an effort to just keep the install size down or to keep the game streamlined, but it does mean we’ll lose out on Mars, Io, Titan, and the Leviathan, as well as all the activities found there.

Bungie said that they have “been adding approximately 25 GB of content each year to Destiny 2 since launch”. They also pointed out that this means more stress on the hard drive capacity and also makes patching more difficult. So, you can perhaps see why they are eager to free up some space.

However, the good news is that content will be reintroduced back into the live game at certain intervals. It has also been mentioned that this Content Vault includes everything from Destiny 1, which means we could see some familiar favorites make a return.

While this is all exciting new information, it’s a shame that some of the content will be leaving the game. We can only hope that all the changes are for the better.

What do you think of the changes announced? Are you looking forward to the new expansions or are you disappointed with the Content Vault idea? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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