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Genshin Impact Anniversary Rewards 2021

The Genshin Impact Anniversary Rewards have been leaked.

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It’s nearly time for the Genshin Impact anniversary event! It’s almost hard to believe that the phenomenally popular gacha game has only been out for a year now. Nonetheless, on September 28th 2020, the game made its debut, with its first anniversary falling on September 28th 2021.

Whether you joined the game on day one or joined with Inazuma later in the year, there will be plenty of rewards and cause for celebration for the game’s first anniversary.


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Genshin Impact Anniversary Date

The Genshin Impact Anniversary Date falls onto the 28th of September. 

Genshin Impact Anniversary Rewards

As part of the upcoming anniversary, we can expect a plethora of rewards. We’ve been promised that the Anniversary will bring new banners, festivals and free Primogems!


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Ganyu and Keqing

As part of the anniversary event, Ganyu and Keqing will be at the heart of it. This could mean new cosmetic items for them.


According to leakers, players will be able to make the most of login rewards. With players being awarded 10 Event Banners if they play for a week.

More Items

Players can also expect new weapons, a boost in artefact drops and level-up materials in the upcoming event.

Genshin Impact Anniversary Events

Alongside the anniversary is the celebration of the Moonchase festival. Unrelated to the anniversary but will be happening around the same time. The Moonchase festival is based on the Chinese holiday, a mid-autumn festival.


Genshin Impact Moonchase


We currently know of four events:

  • Lunar Realm – the event is expected to introduce fishing to Genshin Impact. You’ll have to catch fish throughout Teyvat. Collected fish can be exchanged for event-exclusive weapons or placed in a pond within your Teapot. This is supposedly the first part of the Moonchase Festival.
  • Light Caresses the Moon – a cooking event that focuses on your making tasty grub throughout Liyue. This is another part of the Moonchase Festival.
  • Hyakunin Ikki – a fighting tournament. You’ll form multiple teams of characters to win.
  • Spectral Secrets – finding the new Spectre enemy that has appeared across Inazuma.

As of now, there are currently no events directly tied into the anniversary. But it’s not out of the question that miHoYo will announce something closer to the anniversary date.


It’s easy to why some players are a little disappointed by the anniversary. Some had hoped for more to celebrate the game’s birthday, but people all agree that this seems to be a bit lacking.

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