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Is the iPad Pro 2022 out now? iPad Pro 2022 release date & pre order info

Is the iPad Pro 2022 out now? The iPad Pro 2022 release date, iPad Pro 2022 pre order date, plus iPad Pro 2022 price

Updated: Oct 26, 2022 1:35 pm
Is the iPad Pro 2022 out now? iPad Pro 2022 release date & pre order info

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Is the iPad Pro 2022 out now? The iPad Pro 2022 release date (which is for both the 11-inch iPad Pro and 12.9-inch iPad Pro variants) was been officially confirmed as Wednesday 26th October by the Bigdogs at Apple, following the launch on Tuesday 18th October. It seems the rumored 14-inch iPad Pro 2022 was just a rumor after all (alas!).

Still, the iPad Pro 2022 pre order has since been and gone and the iPad Pro 2022 is out now!

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When will I be able to pre order iPad Pro 2022? iPad Pro 2022 pre order date

The iPad Pro 2022 pre order has been live since Tuesday 18th October, but has now been and gone following the iPad Pro 2022 release date on the 26th Oct. You can now buy the iPad Pro 2022 at Amazon, as well as the Apple store:

pre order iPad Pro 2022 Amazon

iPad Pro 2022 price

The iPad Pro price for the different variants is as follows (this represents the starting price, with more highly specced variants costing more):

This is consistent with the price of both variants the previous year.

*PREVIOUS* iPad Pro 2022 release date estimates: When will the next iPad Pro be released?

Unlike the fairly predictable iPhone 14 release date, the iPad Pro range has had varied release dates over the past few years, the last three falling on: May 2021, March 2020, and November 2018.

Seeing as we know a 2022 version of the iPad Pro is coming, however, it’s a near certainty that it will release at some point in the second half of 2022.

The most reliable information we’ve seen so far comes from yer boy Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, tech journalist and well-known oracle of all things Apple product related. Mr. Gurman said that the launch would take place between September – November 2022, with the release date coming a week or two afterwards.

Mark Gurman has more recently stated that the Apple October event he (and others) believed would be taking place where the devices would be launched is no longer likely to be running, however, this doesn’t necessarily push back the release date of the iPad Pro 2022. The most likely scenario seems now to be that the new product is launched via their website or a press release.

Although we previously expected to see the standard edition iPad 2022 release date at some point in September 2022, the Apple Far Out event that month did not show off the entry-level iPad at all, so it seems both the standard and Pro version will be revealed at the same time.

Whilst the new iPad Pro 2022 release date has not yet been confirmed, the latest tweet from esteemed Apple tech commentator and Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman has stated that he believes the iPad Pro 2022 version may be being unveiled on October 18th 2022, which means that the release date will follow not long after.

At just past midnight, Mr Gurman stated his belief (in a tweet) that the launch of the iPad and iPad Pros should be ‘tomorrow’, i.e. today, i.e. October 18th (see below).

iPad Pro 2022 release date iPad Pro 2022 launch iPad Pro release date iPad Pro launch

We, therefore, predict an iPad Pro 2022 release date between October 21st – 28th, with Friday 28th October being the most likely date, as Apple products tend to come out on a Friday after a week or so long pre-order period.

This comes off the back of an earlier Tweet by Mr. Gurman relating to the iPadOS 16.1 release date. Although the tweet (pictured below) doesn’t specifically mention the new iPad Pro, it covers when Marky Mark believes the new iPadOS will be launched (the week of October 24th), and it’s highly likely the new iPad Pro 2022 release date will be around the same time.

10th gen iPad 2022 release date iPad 2022 iPad 10th gen release date 10th generation iPad release date iPad 2022

Following the normal pattern of Apple releases, we expect the devices to be announced/launched on a Tuesday/Wednesday, with the actual iPad Pro 2022 release date being 9-10 days later on a Friday.

iPad Pro 2022 release date

*PREVIOUS* iPad Pro 2022 features (predicted)

Mini-LED on 11-inch iPad Pro 2022

The Mini-LED display was already a feature on the 12.9-inch version of the 2021 iPad Pro, so it seems extremely likely that it will appear on the latest 11-inch model for the iPad Pro 2022, particularly given the positive reviews the display received last year.

Glass rear for wireless charging?

Marky Mark Gurman has said that glass rear paneling on the upcoming iPad Pro 2022 is likely, particularly given the feature is already available for iPhones and has gone down well with consumers.

The main reason for the glass back, instead of the current rear aluminum panel, is that it permits wireless charging, which is a very handy feature.

9to5Mac however, have thrown cold water on this idea, claiming that it’s unlikely to make it to the final product, given the increased fragility. We’ll just have to wait and see until we know for sure.

M1 Pro / M1 Max / M2 chipset?

The 2021 version of the iPad Pro came with the first-ever M1 chipset. The newest iteration will definitely come with an upgrade, but we’re not sure which at this stage.

It could be the M1 Pro or M1 Max CPUs found in the latest MacBooks, or alternatively the brand new upcoming M2 chip, which Apple have yet to show off.

Old Mark Gurman thinks this could be a possibility for the iPad Pro 2022 release date, at least for the larger 12.9-inch variant, so that’s good enough for us.

Will there be a 14-inch iPad Pro 2022 model?

Leaker Majin Bu has claimed that there could be a third, larger size option added to the iPad Pro 2022 range.

We already have an 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro, but a 14-inch iPad Pro 2022 version could also be a reality.

Supposedly this could come with base specs of 512GB storage and 16GB RAM.

iPad Pro 2022 release date iPad Pro 14 inch iPad Pro 2022 14 inch

*PREVIOUS* iPad Pro 2022 battery life prediction

Roughly, iPads last around 10 hours so – so while nothing has been confirmed, we can expect the 2022 version to come in around this time.

iPad Pro 2022 accessory patent leak? New Magic Keyboard

The above images (spotted by Patently Apple) show the technical drawings of a patent filed by Apple for a new Magic Keyboard, which is one of the best accessories/peripherals that you can combine with an iPad Pro to improve its functionality.

Although we’re big fans of the existing Magic Keyboard (other than its price) one of the biggest drawbacks is the place where you store your Apple Pencil stylus: currently you just stick it on your iPad magnetically to pair and charge it, but this can easily become dislodged when transporting your device.

It seems the new Magic Keyboard however has a slot built into the hinge mechanism that you can store your stylus inside, which is good to see. However, we’ve seen Apple patents in the past which don’t necessarily come to fruition, and though we hope that this new Magic Keyboard will be available with the iPad Pro 2022, there’s no guarantee it won’t come out at a later time.

iPad Pro 2022 release date FAQs

What is iPad’s biggest competitor?

The tablet space is certainly full of options, but the biggest rival probably comes in the form of Microsoft’s Surface line – touted as “the tablet that can replace your laptop.” Boasting a 12.3-inch display and some decent Intel Core processors, it can hold up to 1TB of storage and supports USB 3.0 and microSD.

Hot on its heels is the Galaxy Tab series from Samsung, which features a 9.7-inch OLED screen and nifty Snapdragon processor.

Will the 2022 iPad Pro feature the M2 chip?

We compared the Apple M1 vs M2 chips but many are asking if the next iteration of iPad Pro will feature this processor. In case you are unaware, the M2 chip hasn’t been released to the public yet.

The Apple M2 chip is built on second-generation silicon, with a smaller 5nm process from TSMC. This immediately states to us that the M2 chip should have a higher IPC compared to M1 chips.

Is iPad Pro or iPad Air better?

If you’re a student we’d probably recommend opting for the iPad Air, given it’s cheaper and more portable – being ideal for note-taking, drawing on, and general web browsing.

The iPad Pro is a better option if you’re a professional creative looking to produce and display some high-end content, or if you just want the most powerful device possible with the best screen.

When is the iPad Pro 2022 pre order date?

We haven’t had official confirmation from Apple yet as to the iPad Pro 2022 pre order date, however if the device is launched on the 18th October, we predict that pre orders will go live either that same day or on Friday 21st October.

iPad Pro 2022 release date: the final word

This has been our iPad Pro 2022 release date & pre order the iPad Pro 2022 guide. If you’re looking to pick up this new device, see our Where to buy the iPad Pro 2022 page.

If you’re interested in the latest Apple product news beyond the iPad Pro 2022 release date, check out our pages on the Apple AirPods Pro 2 release date, Apple iPhone 14 Pro release date, iOS 16 release date, tvOS 16 Beta, and When is the iPhone 14 coming out?

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