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Where to buy LG G4 OLED TV – confirmed & expected retailers

We figure out where to buy and pre order the LG G4 as it launches

Updated: Apr 5, 2024 12:08 pm
Where to buy LG G4 OLED TV – confirmed & expected retailers

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The LG G4 has officially been announced and it’s now time to consider where to buy the LG G4 OLED TV, especially if you’re an early adopter of new tech. Announced just ahead of CES 2024, the G4 is a high-end TV from LG’s OLED evo line-up. It’s an impressive option and provides the next step up from the popular LG G3 as you’d probably expect. The LG C4 is an alternative to consider if you’re interested in something a little cheaper.

We’re more than ready for the LG G4 release date and have prepared some confirmed & expected retailers for the LG G4 OLED. We’re sure that the G4 is going to be a popular choice for anyone looking to snap up a high-end OLED TV with the latest specs and features to marvel at. Let’s move swiftly on to the best retailers to buy from and a quick note on pre orders.

LG G4 OLED Series

LG G4 OLED Series


55″, 65″, 77″, 83″, 97″

Screen technology



3840 x 2160 (4K)

Refresh rate


Panel type


HDMI standard

HDMI 2.1

Can I pre order the LG G4?

Yes, you can now pre-order the LG G4 OLED TV from the official LG store. Even though LG G4 pre orders from the LG store are currently live, this impressive gaming TV will be available from other retailers too – and we’re already seeing it appear on popular sites such as Amazon. Another thing to consider is the pre order bonus that is available with the LG G4.

Right now, we can see that the official LG store is offering a couple of pre order bonuses. First of all, you get 5% of your money back in LG rewards for future purchases from their store and 25% off the SG10TY soundbar when bundled with the G4. Lastly, wall mounting or TV stand set up comes comes for free.

Where to buy LG G4 – US retailers

In the US, Amazon and Best Buy are two of the top contenders when looking for a new TV. Doesn’t matter if its a gaming TV or something more budget-friendly. You should always keep an eye on the official LG store as well.


LG store

Best Buy


B&H Home Video

Where to buy LG G4 – Canada retailers

Those of you based in Canada can look towards the same retailers we see in the US – the store links below are catered for the Canadian storefronts.


Best Buy


Where to buy LG G4 – UK retailers

If you’re over in the UK, Amazon remains an excellent place to pick up the LG G4 aside from the LG Store. You can also check out retailers such as Currys.


LG store


Where to buy LG G4 OLED TV FAQs

How much does the LG G4 OLED TV cost?

With the LG G4 now available from the official LG store, we can take a look at their prices. Do note that pricing can differ from retailer to retailer though.

  • 97-inch: $24,999.99
  • 83-inch: $6,499.99
  • 77-inch: $4,599.99
  • 65-inch: $3,399.99
  • 55-inch: $2,600.00

Is the LG G4 worth buying?

The LG G4 is a high-end option which doesn’t come cheap. However, it is one of the best OLED TVs coming out this year and is worth buying if you want the very best. We’d say it’s not worth upgrading if you already have something like the G3 though.

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