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Where to buy MaxSun iCraft RTX 4070 Ti

Looking to add some color to your GPU, MaxSun has you covered

Updated: Mar 20, 2023 11:56 am
Where to buy MaxSun iCraft RTX 4070 Ti

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MaxSun has some different designs of graphics cards that stand out and offer something different from the rest of the lineup. But as a Chinese brand, it is harder to acquire, so we look at where to buy MaxSun iCraft RTX 4070 Ti GPU.

As you look at a market of dark cards with RGB on them, MaxSun offers something else. And in particular, the iCraft RTX 4070 Ti gives a dash of color.

With a purple shroud, it changes up from the dark and boring offering of most other choices. The back plate gives another spark of color with a graffiti design on the back with purple and green that gives a nice design to look out for.

Who is MaxSun?

MaxSun is a computer component company based in and focused on China. Founded in 2002, it brings out its own design of graphics cards, motherboards, and some storage options.

Although it used to have AMD graphics cards, but that only ended with the RX 500 series. And so it has a range of Nvidia cards. But it doesn’t have each SKU. With more focus on the lower-end options with no choice of 4090, 3090, 2080, and such.

On the motherboard side it also mainly focuses on Intel SKUs, as AMD support ended with B550 options, with Z790 and Z690 boards available.

MaxSun iCraft 4070 Ti features

The real difference between the AIB options of a GPU will be the clock rate of the core. And with that the slight performance differences that they offer.

With that we see the MaxSun run a core frequency of 2,310 MHz and a boost of up to 2,640 MHz. That is just a 30 MHz overclock over the Founder’s Edition option that is the default.

The card also has an RGB setup with a one-button press to change it. Located on the side that would face the side panel, it alternates between breathing, blue, white, or off.

MaxSun iCraft 4070 Ti features

Where to buy MaxSun iCraft RTX 4070 Ti

As a Chinese-focused brand, buying it outside of the country is a difficult task. So it comes down to third party sellers offering the card where they can.

These will likely be found on Amazon or Newegg. And in fact, you can find the MaxSun iCraft RTX 3060 Ti on Amazon right now.

That means the new iCraft 4070 Ti will just take time to get over the sea and make its way onto the market as there are no listings for it just yet. So keep an eye on the links below for when it might pop up.

Amazon – US

Newegg – US

Amazon – UK

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