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RTX 4060 Ti vs RX 6750 XT

The old AMD vs new Nvidia, is newer actually better?

Updated: May 24, 2023 2:29 pm
RTX 4060 Ti vs RX 6750 XT

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With a new generation of graphics, there is always an improvement in performance, so how does the RTX 4060 Ti vs RX 6750 XT compare? Although at different tiers, the improvements might give it a boost to what it can do, or maybe you should just stick with the tried and tested options. Comparing the best RTX 4060 Ti against the best RTX 6750 XT gives us a good look at the insides of them and the performance they are capable of.

The AMD Radeon RX 6750 XT was part of the launch in the refresh of the RX 6000 GPUs it was part of. With a release date of March 2022, it gives a faster memory bandwidth over the initial 6700 XT model. Whilst the new gen Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 Ti has gone in the opposite direction. With a release date of May 2023, it instead lowers the bandwidth over its predecessor. So we see they compare and which is the best graphics cards to go for.


Obviously, between AMD Radeon and Nvidia’s Geforce, we get a lot of differences in the architecture and processes of its GPUs. As such they can’t really have a one-to-one comparison. But it does give us a basic understanding of the differences and how they are made. The tech might differ quite significantly but we see how they vary.

So we look at the composition of them. The RTX 4060 Ti is the AD106-350 GPU variant, part of the Ada Lovelace architecture, it is made with TSMCs 5nm process. Which creates a die size of 190mm² with 22.9 billion transistors. Whereas the RX 6750 XT is the Navi 22 KXT processor. Part of the RDNA 2 architecture, with TSMCs 7nm process it has a 335mm² die size with a 17.2 billion transistor count. The newer gen obviously getting the smaller transistor upgrade.


RTX 4060 TiRX 6750 XT
GPUAD106-350Navi 22 KXT
GPU processTSMC 5nmTSMC 7nm
Shaders4,352 CUDA2,560 Stream Processors
Base clock2,310 MHz2,150 MHz
Boost clock2,540 MHz2,600 MHz / 2,495 MHz game
Memory clock/bandwidth18 Gbps/288 GB/s18 Gbps/432 GB/s
Memory interface128-bit192-bit

Comparing the specifications, and what the cards have to offer gives us an understanding of what to expect and the differences between them. We also see what those actually mean within a graphics card.

Processor cores

The GPU processor’s architecture comprises meticulously arranged transistors that form groups of core counts, such as CUDA cores in Nvidia cards, which facilitate processing, and RT cores, responsible for ray tracing processing. Other elements, like tensor cores are also incorporated. The count of these cores significantly influences the overall performance of the graphics card.

Now comparing the two options, you get a comparison. Although these are different architectures and will work differently. As you see Nvidia has more than 2,000 more shaders but this doesn’t straight away mean the performance and frame rates are going to be better.


The graphics card’s video memory serves as a pixel buffer, streamlining the processing of higher resolutions for optimal speed and efficiency. The advanced memory bus and capacity facilitate the memory configuration’s optimal performance when handling larger pixel counts synonymous with grander resolutions. As a result, a graphics card with ample capacity is crucial for 4k gaming.

Unfortunately, the limited bandwidth of the 4060 Ti may impede its performance relative to other cards higher up. With a bandwidth of 288GB/s, it is 144 less than the 6750 XT. It is limited by the bus as the clock is still the same.


Previously referred to as TDP, TGP, or total graphics power, indicates the potential power consumption and heat generation of the GPU. This is where the RTX 4060 Ti beats out the 6750 XT in general. With the rating lower by 90W, it runs on less power and with less heat generation. But will also require a lower-rated power supply with a better power efficiency


The GPU’s processing speed, also known as clock speed or frequency, dictates the rate at which the graphics card operates. This speed, controlled by the silicon die, varies and has experienced an upswing with the advent of newer generations. And these cards have a similar rate across the board. Which is one less factor to consider the differences.

Moreover, bespoke models can attain even greater speeds, and the option to manually overclock the cards can enhance these boost clock speeds further.

How much cheaper is the 4060 Ti than 6750 XT?

There is a significant difference between the two MSRP prices of the GPUs. The RTX 3060 Ti launched with a price of $399, a relatively low option these days, whereas the AMD card came in at $549. Although these days you might find better pricing for the older card. And so that should be kept in mind when deciding between them. But it is a $150 cheaper GPU, or only $50 if you go to the 16GB.

RTX 4060 Ti vs RX 6750 XT performance

Comparing the two in benchmarks we see them where it matters. And in TechSpots review we see the opportunity. And in fact the Nvidia card does offer a similar performance at 1080p and 1440p if not slightly ahead in the average. And so it is very comparable. Although will then fall behind in 4k when it comes to the memory bandwidth. So the Nvidia GPU is the relatively better option for the price to performance to choose from.

Is the 4060 Ti worth it over the 6750 XT?

With a lower price and similar FPS performance, it is a good graphics card to go for. It does also benefit from newer technologies available. Like DLSS 3 and frame generation, it’s not the biggest decider but certainly helpful. Although AMD has its own FSR and RSR available too to benefit from and improve the performance. But these days the 6750 XT is found to be similar if not cheaper so it might be a better choice too with more memory capacity.

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ZOTAC GeForce RTX 4060 Ti 8GB Twin Edge

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