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Best GPU under 800 – our top graphics cards under 800 dollars in 2024

Graphics cards under $800 are at a great tier for high end performance

Updated: Feb 28, 2024 3:53 pm
Best GPU under 800 – our top graphics cards under 800 dollars in 2024

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With a particular budget in mind, we look at the best GPU under $800 in 2024. You can get a good performance at this level, a more high-end option, even if there are still some GPUs above it, there’s still a lot of performance behind them and certainly suitable for most gamers out there looking for a great gaming PC.

You will easily be able to get a high frame rate at 4k and any other resolution. Sure they won’t be in the triple digits at 2160p, but with the likes of the 4070 Ti Super, it is expected for an over 80 FPS average. This also puts you in the market for the latest features and technologies available. But even so, there are some differences you might consider or look for alternatives, so there are some different options. At the top of the list, we have the RTX 4070 Ti Super, RX 7900 XT, and RTX 4070 Super so you can find the right choice of graphics card for your budget.

Best graphics card under $800

There are plenty of options under this price point, we give you a few options to choose from and a good look at what they offer for PC build.

Best GPU under $800



Core clock speed

1920MHz base / 2640MHz boost

CUDA count





43 x 120 x 308mm

PSU required




  • Overclocked for higher frame rates
  • Good cooling
  • A long card
  • Comes in above MSRP

For the best graphics card under 800, we have the RTX 4070 Ti Super for the job. Bringing the Super upgrade to the lines, you can easily get a boost in the performance of what’s on offer from the Ada series. Bringing a greater value and spec to the range it does sit at the $800 mark so you can get a top choice of graphics card for your build with all the latest features. Bringing to the table the likes of frame generation and the use of DLSS 3 really allows you to push what’s possible and make it future-proof.

For the 4080 Super, it features the AD103-275 processor made with TSMCs 5nm process and features 8,448 CUDA cores along with 264 TMUs, 96 ROPs, 66 SMs, 264 Tensors, and 66 RT cores. That has a base clock of 2,340MHz and a boost clock of 2,610MHz but could be higher with custom overclocks of custom cards. It also comes with 16GB of GDDR6X memory, comes with a 256-bit bus, and clocked at 21Gbps it provides a 673GB/s bandwidth. It does come in with a total power of 285W.

We got hands-on with the RTX 4070 Ti Super in our review, and it shows a great choice for all resolutions as it runs well even at 4K. This does mark a strong value for the performance available on its level. That is if you find it still at the launch price as some custom and Nvidia cards usually come in higher than that.

Best AMD GPU under $800

XFX Speedster MERC310 RX 7900 XT Black

XFX Speedster MERC310 RX 7900 XT Black

Core Clock Speed

1810 MHz base, 2220 MHz game, 2560 MHz boost

Stream processors


Memory Size



344 x 128 x 55 mm

PSU Required

750 watt



  • A top overclock of the lineup that will give some of the best performance of the lot
  • A simple design that doesn’t drag away from performance or budget
  • A more basic design that might not seem worth the price

From AMD’s side of things, you can enjoy the RX 7900 XT as a strong contender for a top graphics card under 800 dollars. Although it might have come out with an initial price of $899, it has fallen down to just over $700 making it a lot more affordable a offering a great value for you to opt for.

It comes with the Navi 31 XT processor and is made with an MCM design of TSMCs 5 and 6nm processes. Offering up 5,376 streaming processors, with 336 TMUs, 192 ROPs, 84 CUs, and 84 RT cores. These are clocked in with a base clock of 1,387MHz, a 2,025 game clock, and a boost of 2,394MHz. For its memory, it utilizes 20GB of GDDR6 that’s clocked in at 20Gbps for a total bandwidth of 800GB/s across the 320-bit bus plus the total package power comes to 300W.

We looked at what the card had to offer in our RX 7900 XT review, we tested it to see how it performs and it does quite well. 1080p and 1440p a strong options as it gets hundreds of FPS at those resolutions. But it does offer up a 4K choice as well when you’re after it. Of course, it does lack the ray tracing and rendering performance that Nvidia has to offer, but for pure gaming, it still does provide a great choice.

Best budget GPU under $800

ASUS TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 4070 Super OC

ASUS TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 4070 Super OC

Core clock speed

2565 MHz boost, 1980 MHz base

CUDA count





301 x 139 x 63 mm

PSU required




  • Great build quality and design
  • Strong value for the performance with 1440p and above resolutions
  • A high cost model as it is much higher than MSRP
  • Requires 16pin power connector and so an adapter is needed that has been hazardous
  • Large size card can be harder to fit all cases

Another great option for a top GPU under 800 is a card from Nvidia the RTX 4070 Super. Providing a strong choice for a bit less money you can still get plenty from it without having to spend at the top level. The lower-tier choice of the Super upgrades, you get a great value choice from it even if it does still come with a high price tag for the level it is at.

The 4070 Super brings the AD104-350 processor to the board that features 7,168 CUDA cores, 224 TMUs, 80 ROPs, 56 SMs, 224 Tensors, and 56 RT cores. Along with that, it has 12GB of GDDR6X with a 192-bit bus with a total bandwidth of 514GB/s while clocked at 21Gbps. The card is also clocked at 1.98GHz with a boost clock of 2.47GHz and has an overall power usage of 220W.

We put the card through its paces in our 4070 Super review, there we saw how well it performed. Although it does hold up in the lower tier resolutions, 4K is a bit further out of reach for the card as it is a lower option than the previous selection. But you can save a bit of money that you can put towards the rest of your hardware instead of your CPU.

Best GPU under $800 buying guide

With a general look for the best graphics card under $800, there are a lot of options to consider. As such the tech and features will change between all the hardware available. So we outline some of the key features that gamers might worry about most in the PC gaming community.

Resolution and performance

The big category for your decision will be what resolution you are playing at and what performance you expect from the GPU. As with higher resolutions, more pixels are rendered and processed. Buffered in the VRAM, of a card a good capacity and speed are needed for the 4k tier and so you only find the best implementation of that at the top tier of graphics cards.

In the under $800 category you can easily find choices that hit the mark across the board. All of the options easily get over 60FPS at 4k even on the top settings. So you can easily enjoy using those and even then there are ways to help improve that further.

Upscaling and ray tracing

Some of the extra features you might find with your GPU and its architecture might be a consideration for you. In particular, ray tracing and upscaling. These can both alter and improve your experience in the game either visually or with the framerate. As long as you have Nvidia’s RTX card, or an AMD RX 6000 series GPU or higher you can utilize hardware ray tracing. This will give much more realistic lighting where it’s implemented. However the performance is affected, and different generations will vary with how well they handle it.

Which is where upscaling comes in. These render the games at lower framerates and upscale them to your display resolution and filter them to make them look more fitting. There are different implementations, DLSS is only available to RTX cards, and like FSR has to be implemented on a per-game basis.

Whilst FSR is available to all cards, RSR is limited to AMD Radeon cards. Whilst DLSS 3 itself is only available to RTX 40 cards for the frame generation available on it. This means the performance and look of it will depend on generation and availability but it is a handy tool to just boost that extra few frames, especially at 4k.


The display outputs on each GPU might be important for you too. These days the standard is either DisplayPort or HDMI, as these provide the best bandwidth and fidelity for the graphics. But the number of them might vary. So if you’re running that older second monitor, you might need to look carefully as these will change between custom AIBs.

Final word

There are plenty of options to choose from for the best GPU under $800. At this range, there isn’t really much holding you back in terms of performance or options, more just features and brands that will change, if it’s newer or older. Just make sure to have a CPU to match and not hold back the performance. You may also consider the RTX 50 series or RDNA 4 lineup expected to come out soon enough as they will offer other options or at least discount what’s available now.


What is the best GPU under $800?

For an MSRP under $800, the RTX 4070 Ti Super is the best graphics card to go for. With the benefits of RDNA 3 architecture, it has good features and general performance, as it’s capable of running even 4k well. But from AMD there is also the choice of RX 7900 XT as it drops below its MSRP and the performance holds up to the others.

What GPU can I get for $800?

For an MSRP under $800, the RTX 4070 Ti Super is the best graphics card to go for. With the benefits of the Ada architecture, it has good features and general performance, as it’s capable of running even 4k well. But from AMD there is also the choice of RX 7900 XT as it drops below its MSRP and the performance holds up to Nvidia as well.

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