The Release Of Steam Labs Experiment 4 Adds Improved Search Function

Steam Labs Improved Search Function

With so many games available on Steam these days, it’s becoming harder and harder to find a title that you want to play. While being spoilt by choice is often a good thing, we’ve longed for the days where we can filter out some of the less attractive games. 

Valve Rolls Out Welcome Improvements

The criticism hasn’t fallen on deaf ears, however. Valve has recently developed several tools such as the Interactive Recommender and the Play Next function through its Steam Labs program. 

One of the experiments in the Steam Labs program simply sought to give its users the utmost search filtering options to be as picky as they want when looking for a new title. You’ll be able to custom craft searches to find the exact game you want to play. 

You can narrow your searches down to hide ignored items, hide any games you already own, hide titles on your wishlist, or even hide any VR-only title. Where it gets even more interesting is the fact you can include and even exclude tags from your search. 

If you are looking for a survival game but don’t want to include zombies or even a horror aspect at all, you can now exclude those tags. If you are looking for a simulation title to sink some hours into but want to avoid Indie titles, feel free to exclude that tag from your search. 

This is a great solution for the picky gamers amongst us who are tired of playing the same old titles. Paired with the other recommendation features Steam offers, it seems we’ll be finding a new, relevant title each time we load up the service.

Infinite Scrolling

Now, this is more of a quality of life feature more than anything, but your search results will now infinitely scroll the further you get down the page. This saves you having to manually flip through page after page of titles to find what you are looking for. However, if you prefer that, don’t worry, you can still re-enable it. 

With the sheer number of titles being added to Steam each day, it’s great news that Valve isn’t quite finished yet when it comes to improving the functionality of their service. With more features cooking up in the Steam Labs, it’s good to know that these aren’t just concept pieces that we’ll never see.