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Sony PlayStation Earbuds where to buy expected retailers & can you pre order?

Find out where you expect to find the Sony PlayStation Earbuds

Updated: Jun 8, 2023 12:03 pm
Sony PlayStation Earbuds where to buy expected retailers & can you pre order?

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We figure out where to buy Sony PlayStation Earbuds, and see how pre orders look ahead of the release date. 2023’s PlayStation Showcase revealed to us some interesting new tech – including these official PlayStation gaming earbuds. They were announced as part of the ‘accessories sneak peek’ alongside the new Project Q handheld device.

If you’re already looking to try and call some of these PS earbuds your own, then you’ll have to wait until they are released in future. While we wait though, it’s always worth looking ahead to retailers than we expect to see stocking the PlayStation earbuds. Before then, pre orders could arrive.

Where to buy Sony PlayStation Earbuds – expected retailers

Let’s first just into some of our Sony PlayStation Earbuds expected retailers. We expect high quality from Sony as always, especially for a pair of earbuds – given their impressive portfolio of earbuds and headphones already. That means we should expect the new gaming earbuds to be stocked by some of the biggest retailers on the planet.

US – expected retailers

First stopping off at US retailers, which is definitely going to be an important market for Sony. The PS5 is of course highly popular in the region, so PlayStation’s first entry into gaming earbuds could be a top selling in the region.

Canada – expected retailers

Next up is expected retailers in Canada. Like with every region, we’ll keep you updated if any more retailers are stocking these new wireless PlayStation earbuds from Sony.

UK – expected retailers

We’re also covering where to buy the Sony PlayStation Earbuds in the UK. Here we can see differing, more local retailers compared to the two other regions over in North America.

Sony PlayStation Earbuds pre order details (not yet live)

Pre orders are always popular for new tech. Sometimes you’re just confident you want to go ahead and get your hands on the latest release as soon as possible. As for the Sony PlayStation Earbuds, there is not currently any pre order news available. As soon as there is, we’ll be updating you right here.

We expect pre orders to go live prior to the release date of course, which is currently predicted at late 2023, or even early 2024. More details will come ‘in the months ahead’ as this official tweet says.

Where to buy Sony PlayStation Earbuds FAQs

Can I buy the Sony PlayStation Earbuds yet?

The Sony PlayStation Earbuds are not currently available for purchase just yet. It hasn’t been long since they were officially announced, but we expect many big retailers to stock these buds.

Are Sony PlayStation Earbuds wireless?

Yes the upcoming Sony PlayStation Earbuds are wireless, using Bluetooth technology. Also featuring lossless audio on PS5 and PC, with low latency for gaming.

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