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Sony PlayStation Earbuds release date prediction & specs

Official PlayStation Earbuds are on the way

Updated: May 25, 2023 2:52 pm
Sony PlayStation Earbuds release date

We can now discuss the Sony PlayStation Earbuds release date, any expected specs, and more right now. These brand-new earbuds were announced alongside the Project Q handheld device, in a sneak peek from PlayStation. This sneak peek outlined some key details about the upcoming earbuds in an sleek PS5 design.

In fact, Sony are proud to say that they’re the first-ever PlayStation branded wireless earbuds. It’s nice to see Sony expanding their official peripherals to cater to more kinds of players. They provide the perfect partner to the Project Q handheld due to the portability, so it’s no surprise that these two were announced together.

Sony PlayStation Earbuds release date speculation

Right now, following reveal, there is no news of a release date. Officially from Sony that is. We can instead look to rumors and predictions to try and determine the Sony PlayStation Earbuds release date. The description of the YouTube video where these buds were revealed mention that there will be more details in the ‘months ahead’. So, it’s likely we’ll have to wait some time before anything official comes our way.

We could actually expect these PlayStation earbuds to release alongside the Project Q handheld. Considering they were revealed together, they may be released together. In a bundle if we’re lucky. That would point towards a release date in late 2023, or early 2024 – following the upcoming detachable disc drive PS5, but before the PS5 Pro.

Sony PlayStation Earbuds specs & design

Early specs for the Sony PlayStation Earbuds have already been discussed by Sony in their reveal. We’re pretty excited about a pair of official PlayStation earbuds. Between the PS5 design and Sony’s proven track record of creating fantastic audio devices, they should be a great product.

Let’s actually talk about specs now. What we learnt from the sneak peek is as follows.

  • Bluetooth, therefore can connect to smartphones
  • Lossless wireless audio
  • Low latency, as all gaming earbuds should be
  • ‘Outstanding’ sound quality

All of these points are promising, without going too much into specific detail. They promise everything you could really want from a pair of earbuds for gaming, so we’re excited to see how they turn out once the release date turns up.

You can see the full reveal just below, as part of the ‘Accessories Sneak Peek’.

Sony PlayStation Earbuds price prediction

Now we have to think about price. It’s kind of up in the air at the moment, but the early specs and design we’ve seen point towards a premium product. When you look at other wireless gaming earbuds on the market, there is a lot of variation.

Premium devices can reach well over $100, or even higher in some cases. With that in mind, we can probably expect the Sony PlayStation Earbuds to retail over $100 at the very least, perhaps closer to the $200 mark.

Sony PlayStation Earbuds FAQs

Does PlayStation have official earbuds?

Up until now, PlayStation hasn’t had any official gaming earbuds on the market. However, following the reveal of the Sony PlayStation Earbuds, we now have an official product in this space to look forward to.

Are Sony PlayStation Earbuds true wireless?

Based on the early reveal, the Sony PlayStation Earbuds look to have a true wireless design. They use Bluetooth technology and feature lossless wireless audio.

Sony PlayStation Earbuds release date : Final word

That’s everything we know about the Sony PlayStation Earbuds right now! We’re lucky to see Sony actual reveal some key details about the upcoming gaming earbuds in their sneak peek. Sometimes all we get is just a brief look at a device without any features mentioned.

We’ll be keeping you updated will all the latest once Sony reveals more or leaks and rumors surface. For now, you can check out some more PlayStation articles on our site.

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