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Sony handheld Project Q release date prediction

Everything we know about the upcoming Sony PlayStation Project Q

Updated: May 25, 2023 1:10 pm
Sony PlayStation Project Q release date

A new handheld from Sony is on it’s way, but when is the Sony handheld Project Q release date going to happen? We don’t actually have an official name just yet for the latest Sony gaming handheld, but the codename Project Q is a good place to start. Earlier on, this device was being called the Q Lite, so perhaps there is still some merit in that. It’s been a long time coming for a new portable console with Sony’s name on it.

The last handheld we saw was the PlayStation Vita, which released way back in late 2011 and early 2012, depending on your region. That console was officially discontinued in March 2019. At the time, Sony seemed done with gaming handhelds, but perhaps the rise of the Steam Deck and ASUS ROG Ally has piqued their interest yet again. Not to forget the Nintendo Switch.

Let’s see what Project Q is all about. An early reveal shows that the device isn’t perhaps as you would expect.

Sony handheld Project Q release date speculation

There were existing rumors that a new Sony Playstation console was on it’s way. You may be thinking of the PS5 Slim, PS5 Pro, or even PlayStation 6. Well, we’re today instead going to be talking about the upcoming Sony PlayStation Project Q gaming handheld, which is just a codename for now. There is little to be seen on the specific release date at the moment though.

However, multiple outlets are reporting that the device will release before the PS5 Pro, yet after the upcoming PS5 with detachable disc drive which is rumored for September 2023. This would mean that Project Q is likely to arrive some time early in 2024. However, the reveal trailer for the handheld mentions that it will be launching ‘later this year’. We expect late 2023 for Project Q, early 2024 at the latest.

Sony PlayStation handheld release date history

It’s been a while since Sony were involved in developing handheld consoles, so we thought we take a look back and see when they made a mark on the market.

  • PlayStation Portable: December 2004
  • PlayStation Vita: December 2011

This isn’t a whole lot to go off we admit, but interesting to see just how long it’s been. The upcoming Project Q is going to be a departure from this style of handheld console though. That’s probably why we saw it being called the Q Lite early on – more on that in the specs below.

Sony PlayStation Project Q specs

Plenty of rumors were going around about the Project Q, and following an official reveal from PlayStation, much of what we knew turned out to be true. The first bombshell is perhaps that the device is not a standalone console, instead being more like a peripheral or addition for the PS5. We feel like many players looking for a direct sequel to the PS Vita may be disappointed. As we see it, it’s more like the Wii U gamepad – not a truly portable device, as you still need to be connected to the console.

Like we said, the name Q Lite was through around a lot before any official word. We see this as a pretty suitable name, considering the device is an accessory rather that it’s own standalone handheld console – hence the ‘Lite’.

Other rumors threw some early specs out there, and an official PlayStation reveal backs up the details. Pretty vague at the moment, as we expect to see this develop much more moving forward. PlayStation promise to share more information ‘in the near future’.

  • Display: 8 inch (rumored LCD), 16:9 aspect ratio, 1080p (1920×1080) resolution at a rumored 60 FPS
  • Design: PS5 controller design, with the screen situated in the center, all buttons and features of a DualSense wireless controller
  • Connectivity technology: Wi-Fi (6E rumored), built for remote play with the PS5

PlayStation gave us a sneak peak on the device, which showed off Project Q briefly, along with the first ever PlayStation earbuds.

The Backbone One controller is perhaps a good concept to compare it to, design wise. This is obviously built for mobile gaming, where as Project Q allows you to play games from your PS5. PlayStation notes that any game you want to play must be installed on the console you are connecting to through remote play. VR titles are not supported on Project Q.

Backbone One controller for iPhone

backbone one controller for iphone


3.7 inches/93.9mm


6.94 inches/176.2mm (contracted), 10.4 inches/257.6mm (Extended)


1.28 inches/32.6mm



Sony PlayStation Project Q price prediction

Any prices right now are pure speculation, as we hardly know much about the device as it stands. Some early estimations set a ballpark figure of $200 to $300. Considering that this sits even under the Steam Deck, and way below the ROG Ally, it’s interesting to see how the handheld pans out.

Sony themselves haven’t revealed anything regarding price. All we’ve got so far is a very brief sneak peek to show off the design, functionality, and a few core specs.

Sony handheld Project Q FAQs

What is the PlayStation Project Q official name?

The PlayStation Project Q is seemingly just a codename for now, and there is no official word on what the latest PlayStation handheld is going to be called. Early rumors were naming the device the Q Lite, while PlayStation say they are calling it Project Q internally.

Does PlayStation Project Q use Remote Play?

Yes, Playstation Project Q works by using remote play over Wi-Fi. This has officially been confirmed by Sony.

Sony handheld Project Q release date : Final word

That concludes everything we know about the Sony PlayStation Project Q release date and other key details right now. It’s nice to see Sony yet again join the handheld gaming market, but this entry may not be up to scratch for some. I’m sure many of us have spent plenty of time enjoying the PSP and PS Vita of old. It would be nice to see a standalone console, but this small step back towards handhelds is OK for now.

We’re going to keep you updated with news of this device as and when it progresses. Be sure to check out our other PlayStation pages while you’re here!

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