Steam is the world’s largest digital distribution platform for PC games, created and owned by Valve Corporation, the creators the Source engine and from it the Half-Life series, Counter-Strike, Team Fortress and also Dota 2 (based on a different engine). Below you will find all of the guides and articles we have produced relating to the software and its features.

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What Operating Systems Is Steam Available On?

Steam is available on Windows PC, MacOS, Linux, mobile (Android and iOS) and also SteamOS, Valve’s own gaming-focused operating system. Users can log into their Steam accounts via web browsers in addition to installing the client.

The History Of Steam

Founded in 2003, the pioneering software originally serviced Valve games only as a way of keeping them automatically updated, but was expanded to sell games from third-party companies. By 2017, games bought through Steam accounted for around 18% of total global PC games sales. Steam was the main driver in the transition from PC gamers purchasing physical copies of games on disk to fully digital online downloads.

Steam’s Features

Besides the Storefront area where users can buy new games and leave reviews of each title, and the Library section where the user accounts assorted games can be found, Steam Workshop also allows users to upload and download mods, skins, artwork, and other user-created content for their favorite games. SteamVR also provides a platform for playing virtual reality games using room-scale positional tracking.

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Steam Guides & Benchmarks

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