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Steam introduces cross-platform cloud saves for Steam Deck

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Updated: Jan 25, 2022 4:46 pm
Steam introduces cross-platform cloud saves for Steam Deck

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As a part of supporting the ecosystem powering the upcoming and hyped Steam Deck, Valve has added a Dynamic Cloud Sync feature onto the platform, which would essentially allow users to have parity between save files for a game as they play on a PC and Steam Deck. They believe that users will not always exit the game, and therefore a concurrent Dynamic Cloud Sync of data is required to keep up with parity, as the Steam Deck enters into sleep mode.

Then, you might be able to resume the game on any other platform of your choice with your Steam Account, and it will allow you to download and sync up to the latest save that you were at when you were playing on the Steam Deck. It’s not a required feature, and you can disable it if you so choose, but it seems like a fantastic quality of life addition to Valve’s upcoming handheld that will make life a little bit easier when switching devices if you like to play while on the go.

If the feature is disabled, you might have to exit the game on your Steam Deck before playing it on another device. It’s free to use, but devs have to manually enable the feature in their titles in order to fully make use of the feature due to new APIs.

It’s a wonder that cloud saves already work as well as they do on Steam when switching devices, but adding in a portable version of this which is not affected by other things adds another dimension to games that were otherwise inaccessible while out and about. There are oodles of PC-only titles, and that all changes now that Steam is giving those versions native support for Dynamic Cloud Sync. You can read more about Dynamic Cloud Sync with Valve’s official documentation.

What about other handhelds?

If you have another handheld, like the Aya Neo Next, you might have to wait and see until the manufacturer issues an update to see if they too will support Dynamic Cloud Sync. This is a clear USP for using the Steam Deck over other handheld PCs, so be sure to keep your eyes on if this comes to your device. This segment is ever-growing, so be sure to keep your eyes on all of Valve’s competitors, as it can also affect other features that might come to the platform in the future, too.

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