Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC: Everything You Need to Know

Nintendo Switch fans will be more than a little familiar with the world of Super Smash Bros. The popular fighting game has long been a staple on Nintendo consoles, and it’s easy to see why. It has the familiar charm of Nintendo, while still meeting all your needs for a bit of mindless violence. And, the latest version, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has gone one step further with some impressive DLC content.

Bored of your character selection? The regular updates from Nintendo mean you’ll always have a range of brand new fighters to choose from with their Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC kits.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC

You’d think that 75 characters would be more than enough, but it turns out, there’s always room for more. Nintendo announced that there would be five new characters joining the roster throughout this year, all available as part of the Fighter’s Pass or individual Challenger Packs. Let’s take a closer look at the roster of fighters you can access.

Piranha Plant

If like me, you’re secretly a musical theatre nerd as well as a gamer, then this is one of the best things to ever happen to Super Smash Bros. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, that’s valid, but it does also mean that this character might not have the same instant appeal to you as it does to me. 

For anyone who bought Super Smash Bros. Ultimate before the end of January 2019, you would have gotten Piranha Plant included for free – lucky you. For anyone else, it is now available to purchase and download from the Switch eShop. 


We’re talking about Joker here, not the Joker – that’s a whole different franchise, folks. From the RPG classic Persona 5, Joker was added to the Super Smash roster earlier this year. He comes with some stylish dexterous maneuvers, handguns, and magic powers to help you thwart your opponent. 

Joker is available for individual download, or as part of the Fighter’s Pass. And, since Person 5 is currently only available on PlayStation (PS3 and PS4), his appearance in this title had lead to some interesting rumors that the game will soon make its way to Switch as well. 


Dragon Quest fans rejoice! You get not one, but four characters from the franchise have made their way into the world of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC. They come with their own unique set of abilities, including some of the spells you’re used to from the original Dragon Quest games.

With more combat options than any other character in the franchise, this DLC is an interesting addition. It’s available as part of their Fighter’s Pass right now.


Released at Nintendo Direct earlier this year, iconic duo Banjo-Kazooie has made their way onto the battlefield. I don’t know why this bear-bird team-up has found its way into the hearts of so many, but it has. 

They come with some impressive jump moves and ranged attacks, as well as some serious melee damage thanks to Banjo’s fists. 


Announced during Nintendo Direct, Terry from the retro hit Fatal Fury is going to be joining the Smash ranks soon. The trailer was packed full of nostalgia and humor, and we can’t wait to see how his appearance will affect the gameplay mechanics. 

We still have no idea what kind of moves he’s going to bring to the table, but we’re thinking it will be more along the lines of Street Fighter’s Ryu – lots of classic attack moves to take us back. 


We know that there is at least one more DLC character to be announced as part of the Fighter’s Pass, but who could it be? So far, rumors are scarce, but there have been a  few ideas floated around that got us excited. 

A lot of people are hoping to see firm fan-favorites like Spyro or Crash Bandicoot turn up to Smash, but these may be asking for too much from the franchise. 

One rumor that does make sense though, is bringing in the shotgun-wielding main character from the Doom franchise. With so many Doom games making their way onto the Nintendo Switch, it’s a move that would certainly make sense for Bethesda. It would also make an interesting addition to the roster, that’s for sure. 

Further DLC

What we have here is just the DLC for 2019, but game director Masahiro Sakurai has hinted that there will be plenty more to come down the line. He’s spoken previously about the potential for more DLC fighters to join the team, so we expect another raft of DLC to hit the shelves in 2020. 

Which DLC fighter are you most excited to play? Who do you think the final mystery fighter will be? Let us know in the comments below!