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LG C2 vs C3: Which OLED TV should you buy?

Is the LG C2 still worth it or has the C3 knocked it off the top spot?

Updated: Jan 9, 2024 11:08 am
LG C2 vs C3: Which OLED TV should you buy?

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With the announcement of the LG C3 OLED at CES 2023 you may well be wondering how the LG C2 stacks up against the C3. On this page we’ll be breaking down the differences and letting you know whether we think an upgrade to the LG C3 is worth it.

LG is a big name in the TV world and they boast a market leading range of OLED TVs. When they announced that they’re upgrading their TV range once again for 2023 there was understandably much excitement. The C2 has been a best seller for LG since its announcement at CES 2022 so the question is, will the C3 be worth the upgrade?

LG C2 OLED Series

LG C2 6

Improved Evo OLED panel

Perfect blacks

Incredibly fast response time (0.001ms)

New Game Optimizer features

Alpha a9 Gen 5 processor

Excellent gaming performance



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LG C3 OLED Series

LG C3 OLED Series

Updated webOS version

Alpha a9 Gen 6 processor

AI Sound Pro

Brightness booster



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The updates LG announced in January were among our top products announced at CES 2023. LG always use CES to impress and that led us to eagerly await the release date of the LG M3 and the release date of the LG G3. Perhaps most exciting for us though was the anticipated release date of the LG C3. That’s in the past now, but these TVs still hold up as excellent options – you can also check out our C3 vs C4 piece for the next generation.

Let’s dive straight in and look at the differences between the LG C2 and C3.

LG C2 vs C3: Price and sizeing

The LG C2 ruled the OLED TV market throughout 2022 so it’s worth considering even if you’re looking at the C3.

In terms of size you’re looking at a similar range, starting at 42 inches going up to around 80 inches. The C2 is however available in an 87-inch varient which might sway you if you’re going big.

A major factor in your decision may well be price. When the LG C2 was launched the 55-inch variant retailed at $1799 and we’re expecting a similar price on release for the C3. Now, given that you can currently get hold of the 55-inch LG C2 for $1,396 at Amazon, it may well be worth the $400 saving if you’re not too worried about the new features that the LG C3 boasts.

LG C2 vs C3: Performance

You may already know that we’re big fans of the LG C2 here at WePC and that’s largely thanks to its consistent performance. The LG C3 looks like it should offer a decent improvement in this regard but we’ll have to wait until we get hands on to know for sure.

The key to the LG C3s boost in performance is LGs new Alpha a9 Gen 6 processor and upgraded WebOS 23 smart platform. The new processor offers a perceived brightness boost thanks to its clever ability to separate the foreground and background of images and make on the fly adjustments based on what your eyes are focused on. There will also be a new programmable custom picture mode which is a nice addition.

The AI Sound Pro technology featured on the C3 is a nice addition but is rather limited with the TVs built in speakers. To make the most of this then you’ll defiantly need to invest in some sort of external speaker system.

LG C2 vs C3: Design

In terms of design, the C3 looks fairly similar to the C2. Both TVs are really very slender and we think they look great. They’re certainly a cut above LGs B series in terms of design but the G series is certainly a step up again.

To boost the new LG C3s onboard sound LG is offering a soundbar which sits flush with the wall and looks to be a nice stylish addition.

LG C2 vs C3: Which is better for gaming?

In terms of gaming, LG TVs invariably perform well. We already know that the C3 will come with a lightning fast 0.1ms response time, extremely low input lag, and 4 HDMI 2.1 ports. This is all certainly good news but infact its predecessor the LG C2 was equipped very similarly.

Small variants are making a return with the 42-inch version being the smallest again. This is also good news for gamers, but anyone wanting to hook their screen up to a TV may be disappointed in the lack of improvement in refresh rate. The LG C3 will once again feature a 120Hz refresh rate which is perfectly fine for TV and current gen consoles. In terms of PCs however monitors are making the move to 240Hz so TVs seem to be lagging behind.

LG C2 vs C3: key differences

The C3 has a slightly newer and updated version of WebOS. This won’t make for any particularly radical changes but does allow you to create a custom picture mode upon set up, in a quick and easy fashion. Instead of messing around with individual controls, you’re simply shown a series of images and pick the one that suits you best.

The main difference in performance is down to the upgraded hardware within the C3. LG’s new Alpha a9 Gen 6 processor means improved upscaling and motion processing. Additionally, the all-new AI Sound Pro is capable of converting the TV’s basic 40W 2.2-channel sound system into impressive virtual 9.1.2 surround sound. 

Of course, being a new model in LG’s C series, the C3 will almost certainly come with a heftier price tag which also might play into your decision.

How much does the LG C3 cost?

The LG C3 would cost you north of $2,000 for some popular sizes at launch, but it has dropped significantly since it released.

Is the LG C3 worth it?

The LG C3 is undoubtedly an improvement upon its predecessor the C2 but its improvements aren’t so major that the C2 is no longer a valid option. Given the likely price disparity between the C2 and C3 you may well still want to consider the 2022 model in your decision.

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