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LG M3 OLED wireless TV: release window speculation, potential price and specs

Let's inspect everything you need to know about the LG M3 OLED wireless TV

Updated: Jun 6, 2023 11:35 pm
LG M3 OLED wireless TV: release window speculation, potential price and specs

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Ever since LG’s keynote at CES 2023, we’ve been learning about the upcoming LG M3 OLED wireless TV – a fantastic piece of kit that aims to minimize the amount of cable management we’re always having to deal with. We’re going to be delving into everything you need to know about the LG M3, such as when you can expect it to release and the price you’ll be paying for this cutting-edge tech.

A whole range of LG TVs were announced at CES way back in January now, as they look to build upon their already popular range of OLED TVs. The C3 and G3 are other top LG TVs we’re covering here at WePC, so make sure you go and check them out while we get ready for the launch of these impressive displays.

The LG M3 wireless TV is one of the most exciting concepts we’ve seen come out of the top product picks for CES 2023 so read on to get all the latest information on LGs big project.


LG M3 TV: Latest news

So, what’s the latest? Well, as we’ve had plenty of time to think about the LG M3 announcement at CES 2023, though it still stands that most of the stuff we know so far is related to LG’s keynote. We were massively impressed when news of this TV came through – who wouldn’t be curious about the prospect of a wireless TV?

LG are also calling this TV the ‘LG Signature OLED M’ – as seen on this press release.

The initial announcement showed off a massive 97″ model, with the TV also boasting a 4K resolution and 120Hz refresh rate. Video and audio is transmitted wirelessly, thanks to the ‘Zero Connect box’. The TV itself however does include a power cord / power cable for the mains. The Zero Connect box allows you to move around your console or blu-ray players away from the TV.

We’re always eagerly awaiting more and more news regarding the LG M3 TV, so stay tuned.

LG M3 OLED wireless TV: Everything you need to know

Let’s go through the key details you’ll need to know about the LG M3 OLED wireless TV. We’re already talked about some key details – but in case you missed them, here they are in finer detail.

The main special feature you’re probably wondering about this TV is how it works wirelessly. The answer to that question is the Wireless Zero Connect box, which is basically where are your input ports are located. This means the TV itself is free from the number of input cords you usually have to set up to be up and running. Whether that be game consoles, TV sets, or any other kind of device hooked up with a wire – make your TV HDMI cable free!

The initial announcement shows off an impressive 97″ display, with a smooth 120Hz refresh rate – this is perfect for immersive gaming and movie-watching alike. The 4K resolution is pretty standard for new TVs these days, and well worth the upgrade if you’re looking for a clear-as-day picture quality.

When could the LG M3 release?

We’re still waiting for a confirmation on release date, so we don’t want to speculate too much. Despite that, we can have a decent guess regarding the timeframe. Last year, we saw that signature LG TVs such as the C2 OLED release around April, but we can’t say for certain the the M3 will receive the same treatment, given it’s ‘first of it’s kind’ nature. Now that April has been and gone, we’re still waiting for a official release date for the LG M3 / LG Signature OLED M.

As soon as a confirmed day of launch is available, we’ll be reported back to make sure we can relay that information to you as soon as possible. Regardless of date, we look forward to this impressive LG M3 OLED wireless TV.

LG OLED M3 specs

There are some fantastic specs to look forward to on the LG OLED M3, given what we know so far. Let’s take you through a quick list of everything featured with this TV.

  • 2023 release
  • Flatscreen, wireless design (with Zero Connect box)
  • 97″ size (on first announcement)
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • OLED display technology
  • 120Hz refresh rate
  • 4K resolution
  • HDMI 2.1 (3x)
  • Dolby Audio
  • HDR10
  • webOS smart TV platform

LG M3-Series: Sizing

On initial launch, all we heard about is the 97-inch variant for the LG M3. That is definitely a massive size to kick off the announcement, perfect for immersive and cinematic viewing.

Thanks to the wireless design, this means you can place your TV more freely within your living space, so the size initially advertised may not be as much as a hassle as you may think. There have been further sizes mentioned though if you want something a little scaled down; 77-inch and 83-inch models are on the horizon too.

LG M3 size guide

  • 97 inch (USA, Europe)
  • 83 inch (USA, Europe)
  • 77 inch (USA, Europe)

LG M3 design

Clearly, the key design feature here is the fact the TV is wireless. It’s all about eliminating the need for cables plugged directly into the back or side panel of the TV, freeing up space and overall feeling much more streamlined and less clunky. The design lends it well to a wall-mounted setup, but works equally well on a stand of course. Some reports say the Zero Connect Box has a signal range of up to 30m.

It’s no surprise that this is an ultra-flatscreen design, given the use of OLED technology that lends itself to a thin build and wide viewing angle. Without the need for cables clogging up space behind your TV, that only adds to the flat and clutter-free design further.

LG M3 potential price

We’re going to have to look out for further news regarding the price of the LG M3 moving forward, but it’s no doubt going to cost you a pretty penny. Especially if the first release is that of the 97-inch model, you’re probably looking at around 5-figures for such a massive TV. For reference, the 97″ G2 from last year marketed at $25,000.

Of course the 83″ and 77″ models will see a reduction in cost – with an average 77″ OLED reaching up to $13,000 as things stand.

LG M3 vs wireless Displace TV

Another exciting TV which was unveiled to the world at CES 2023 was Displace’s wireless 55-inch TV. This ambitious TV is truly wireless, unlike its competitor from LG. It runs on interchangeable batteries which give it a run time of 180 hours. The Displace TV also uses vacuum technology to attach to the wall, theoretically making it really easy to move around.

Before we all get too excited about this idea though it’s worth remembering that Displace are newcomers to the TV market. Their concept is untested by the consumer market and there could be sticking points along the way.

On the other hand, LG are one of the best-established TV companies in the world. Having promised the release of their M3 in 2024 we can pretty much guarantee its release. It is true that LG have had some duds hit the market in the past, but their recent form when it comes to TVs would suggest that the M3 will live up to the hype.

Should you buy the LG M3 when it releases?

If you’re looking for a massively impressive TV with a clean and wireless design, then this is well worth picking up. You (of course) can expect to pay a hefty price for such an impressive display that is pushing the boundaries. This TV is great for a number of reasons, thanks to the crystal-clear 4K resolution and smooth 120Hz refresh rate. The announced 97″ variant is definitely going to stun any guest, with the Zero Connect box ensuring you have more freedom when it comes to fitting it.

Is the LG M3 wireless?

In the strictest sense, no the M3 is not truly wireless given that it requires being plugged into the mains. However, all content is transmitted to the TV wirelessly so no more worries about cable management. Any devices, such as consoles, will plug into a completely separate transmitter box.

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