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LG G4 vs Sony A90K – how much better is the 2024 pick?

Everything there is to know between LG G4 vs Sony A95L

Updated: Mar 15, 2024 4:11 pm
LG G4 vs Sony A90K – how much better is the 2024 pick?

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Now that we’ve got our first look at the LG G4 during CES 2024, it is time to compare the LG G4 vs Sony A90K to see how better LG’s current flagship panel is compared to Sony’s 2022 mid-range offering.

On the one hand, we have the LG G4, which represents LG’s latest innovations and technological advancements in a bid to make it the best OLED TV of 2024. It boasts the 2nd-gen Micro Lens Array (MLA) OLED panel to offer top-notch brightness while maintaining its brilliant and vibrant picture quality.

On the other, we have the Sony A90K, a mid-range TV aimed at PC and console gamers, especially PlayStation 5, as it offers ‘Perfect for PS5‘ features. It rocks an OLED panel that delivers some of the best colors we’ve ever seen.

In this guide, we will compare the two based on panel technology, processing power, sound quality, gaming capabilities, and more to determine which one you should go for.

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LG G4 OLED Series

LG G4 OLED Series

Bright second-gen MLA OLED panel

Up to 144Hz, ideal for gaming PCs

Rapid responsiveness

Upgraded Alpha 11 AI Chip

MLA now available in 83″ model too



Still no MLA in 97″ model

Sony Bravia Master XR A90K

Sony bravia A90K

Perfect blacks

Infinite contrast ratio

Stunning viewing angles

Multiple HDMI 2.1 ports



Peak brightness lacking

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LG G4 vs Sony A90K specs

SpecificationLG G4Sony A90K
Panel typeOLED evo (MLA)OLED
Size range55″, 65″, 77″, 83″, 97″42”, 48”
Resolution3840 x 2160 (4K)3840 x 2160 (4K)
Refresh rate144Hz120Hz
ProcessorAlpha 11 AICognitive Processor XR
HDMI standard4x HDMI 2.12x HDMI 2.1, 2x HDMI 2.0
HDRHDR10, HLG, Dolby VisionHDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision

What’s most interesting to see in the specifications is the availability of sizes. Neither of these TVs has a single common size available – the A90K is only available in 42” and 48”, and the G4 starts from 55-inch, then 65-inch, going all the way to 97”.

The Sony A90K’s available sizes suggest that it is primarily meant for PC and console gaming. Of course, that and the fact that it falls under their “Perfect for PS5” series. This means the A90K also has Auto Genre Picture Mode and Auto HDR Tone Mapping.

Going over the display quality, the LG G4 takes the crown with its MLA technology, which appears in all but the 97″ model. The TV is much brighter than the Sony A90K, especially in HDR content. On that topic, both TVs support HDR10, HLG, and, most importantly, Dolby Vision, which is very good to see.

The A90K shines in the color accuracy department. Its color performance is excellent, and the TV looks gorgeous with its 99.78% coverage of the Rec. 709 color gamut. Of course, the LG G4 is no different; it also displays some of the most vibrant and natural colors. Due to the lack of high brightness, the A90K is mostly preferred in dark environments. In comparison, the LG G4 can handle well-lit rooms without any issues at all.

Both TVs offer great sound quality with Dolby Atmos, but there’s a key difference in their main features. The A90K comes with Acoustic Surface Audio+, which turns the screen itself into a speaker for more immersive sound. In contrast, the LG G4 uses its Alpha 11 AI chip to offer its AI Sound Pro feature, providing a virtual 11.1.2 channel surround sound experience.

The LG G4 takes another lead with its support for 4x HDMI 2.1 ports, which makes it more suitable for gamers with multiple consoles or a console and a gaming PC. In contrast, the Sony A90K only provides 2x HDMI 2.1 ports, and the remaining two are HDMI 2.0. This limits its high-performance capabilities on all ports.

LG G4 vs Sony A90K price

SizeLG G4Sony A90K

Since there is no common available size between the two TVs, comparing them fairly based on pricing is rather challenging. However, the 48” model of the Sony A90K offers the most value for money. It is only $100 more than the 42” model, and you get a much bigger screen.

Being the latest LG flagship, the G4 was never meant to be an affordable option, which is very evident by its premium price tag. It starts at $2,600, and the biggest 97” option costs a whopping $24,999.

All in all, if you simply want the cheapest of the two, the Sony A90K is the right choice. It offers a great display and sound quality, and the TV is not nearly as pricey as the LG G4. A great choice of cheap HDMI 2.1 TV.

LG G4 vs Sony A90K for gaming

So, which one is the best gaming TV? Even though the Sony A90K was primarily offered as a mid-range gaming TV, the LG G4 knocks it out of the park with its improved features. For instance, the Sony A90K has a max refresh rate of 120Hz. In comparison, the LG G4 can reach up to 144Hz, which is ideal for PC gamers.

Along with that, the LG G4 also features a low <0.1ms response time paired with a shocking good input lag. This alone puts the LG G4 ahead of the Sony A90K in terms of gaming. However, that’s not all; the G4 also performs better than the A90K in HDR gaming, as the A90K does not get as bright as the G4.

In addition to that, both TVs support HDMI VRR and compatibility with G-Sync to deliver a smooth and beautiful gaming experience, but the LG G4 also supports AMD FreeSync, which is a plus point if you want to tinker with variable refresh rate settings.

While these features give the LG G4 a significant edge, the A90K is not a bad choice for gaming. Its smaller screen size is typically more appealing to gamers, especially on a desktop. Plus, the A90K comes with Auto Genre Picture Mode and Auto HDR Tone Mapping. These features ensure that the TV automatically shifts to Game Mode when you begin playing on your PS5, and it also fine-tunes the HDR settings specifically for your game.

LG G4 OLED Series

LG G4 OLED Series


55″, 65″, 77″, 83″, 97″

Screen technology



3840 x 2160 (4K)

Refresh rate


Panel type


HDMI standard

HDMI 2.1

Sony Bravia Master XR A90K

Sony bravia A90K


42″, 48″

Screen Technology



4K Ultra HD 3840 x 2160p

Refresh rate


Panel type


HDMI standard

HDMI 2.1

How much brighter is the LG G4 vs Sony A90K?

The LG G4 is noticeably brighter than the A90K, but that doesn’t come as a surprise. The G4 is fitted with LG’s second-generation MLA technology. This is a hardware change that places microscopic lenses on top of the OLED panel to allow for more light to bounce around and be redirected the viewer’s way. Plus, the Alpha 11 AI chip has plenty of brightness boosting tech.

In terms of numbers, the Sony A90K achieved a peak brightness of just 626 nits according to RTING’s review. Last-gen’s G3 OLED boasted up to 1,442 nits in comparison, and the G4 only gets brighter. LG say that the G4 is 150% brighter at its peak compared to standard OLED panels on the store page.

Should I buy G4 or A90K in 2024?

Overall, if we were to pick one of the two TVs, we would go with the LG G4. Sure, it is more expensive than the A90K, but it is newer and offers more features.

The best thing about the LG G4 has to be its display brightness. LG has really made significant changes with their second-gen MLA OLED panels, and that’s why the TV maintains its colors so well in peak brightness. It is also an overall better package in every regard. It has better gaming features, good sound features, more available sizes, and a better processor.

We would only recommend the Sony A90K to those who specifically want a smaller TV (42” or 48”) at an affordable price point. And for that, you should rather be comparing LG C4 vs Sony A90K.

Final word

You’ve finally made it to the end of our LG G4 vs Sony A90K comparison, hopefully with the knowledge you need to make your next TV purchase. Or if you’re just wondering what exactly separates these models. There’s two years between these OLEDs, plus a tier, so the disparity makes sense.

Fundamentally, these TVs are designed for different audiences, we’d say you’re better off comparing the LG G4 vs Sony A95L for a closer match-up if you’re interested how LG and Sony compare.

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