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55 inch TV dimensions – how big actually is it?

Everything you need to know about 55 inch TV dimensions

Updated: Feb 6, 2024 4:51 pm
55 inch TV dimensions – how big actually is it?

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As the world of technology continues its advancing march, the consumer market is flooded with a wide range of TV sizes, but how are 55 inch TV dimensions measured? Right now, there is array of options to choose from. There are small-screen televisions perfect for dorm rooms and apartments to larger, more sophisticated models suitable for homes and commercial spaces, the options are endless.

But 55″ TVs remain some of the most popular thanks to their versatility without compromising too much on screen size. A nice middle of the pack, no matter if you have the best TV for gaming with a brand-new OLED TV. It strikes the perfect balance between being big enough to enjoy an immersive watching experience, and small enough to fit in a standard living room or entertainment center.

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How big is a 55 inch TV in cms?

The size of a TV is universally expressed in inches, but what does that translate to in terms of centimeters if you want the metric measurement?

For a 55-inch TV, the screen’s diagonal width comes in at approximately 140 cm. This measurement is taken from the edge of the screen on one side to the other, cutting an accurate representation of the TV’s size. Keep in mind that this doesn’t take into account the frame – though many modern TVs have a very thin frame design. The height of the TV will vary depending on the aspect ratio, with most 55-inch televisions measuring around 77.5 cm.

55-inch TV dimensions

55 inch TV dimensionsWidthHeightDiagonal

How wide is a 55 inch TV in cms? 55 inch TV width

The width of a 55-inch TV can vary depending on the aspect ratio and the bezel width of the TV. However, as a rough estimate, a 55-inch TV with a 16:9 aspect ratio and a typical bezel width might have a width of around 122.9 centimeters.

How tall is a 55 inch TV in cms?

The height of a 55-inch TV can also vary depending on the aspect ratio and the bezel width of the TV. On average, a 55-inch TV with a standard 16:9 aspect ratio and a typical bezel width might have a height of around 68.6 centimeters (cm).

Is a 55 inch TV big enough?

For a medium-sized room, a 55-inch TV is generally considered a good size. However, if you have a large room or plan to sit far away from the TV, you may want to consider a larger screen size to ensure optimal viewing experience.

It is also important to note that the size of the TV is not the only factor in determining the viewing experience. The picture quality, resolution, and sound quality of the TV can also have a significant impact on the overall experience.


Does the 55 inches include the border?

It’s worth noting that the actual width of a TV depends on the bezel or border surrounding the display.

The bezel is the edge that surrounds the screen and can range in width depending on the manufacturer. Some bezels are thin, giving the illusion of a frameless design, while others are thicker, providing a more traditional look. This can impact the overall width of the TV, but the diagonal length of the screen itself is a consistent 140 cm.

Is 55 inches too big for your house?

A 55-inch TV is an ideal size for most living rooms, as it provides a large enough screen to comfortably watch all your beloved shows and movies, but is still compact enough to fit into smaller areas. It’s also an ideal size for multi-use rooms, such as a bedroom or home office, where you may need to switch between watching the TV and working on a computer. With its sound balance of size and versatility, it’s no wonder that a 55-inch TV is one of the most popular TV dimensions in the world.

To conclude, the 55-inch TV is the best size for anyone looking for large, yet manageable, screen dimensions. With its 140 cm width, it provides ample space for an immersive viewing experience, and its medium sizing makes it suitable for a range of environments. All you need now is a TV stand or unit for the job.

Can you wall mount a 55 inch TV?

Like most TV sizes, users can wall mount a 55 inch TV if they choose to do so. You can wall mount a 55 inch TV by buying a VESA wall mount that screws into the VESA holes at the rear of a TV. VESA wall mounts come in a variety of sizes, so be sure to check what VESA holes the TV supports.

How much smaller is a 55 inch TV vs 65 inch TV?

Arguably the two most common sizes when it come to TV purchasing, but what separates them in terms of sizing? Ultimately, there isn’t a great deal of difference when it comes to comparing the two sizes of 55 inch and 65 inch TVs.

The smaller 55 inch TV is only a mere 2 inches smaller in height and around 8 inches smaller in width. This translates to around 10 inches diagonally.

How far should I sit from a 55 inch TV?

One of the big questions we get asked around 55 inch TVs is; how far should I sit? As a general rule, you should sit around 7-9 feet (2 to 2.7 meters) away from a 55 inch TV. This is what is regarded as the optimal viewing distance. You should also be a similar eye level as well, so you don’t want your TV too height. That said, with most TVs now featuring 4K image quality, the viewing distance is reducing – without loss of image quality.

Is a 55 inch TV too big for the bedroom?

Like we mentioned earlier, 55 inch TVs are among one of the most popular TV sizes and is an ideal size for something like your living room. However, many people are also using 55 inch TVs for their bedroom, as the size isn’t overly intrusive for a smaller room like this. Of course this depends on your exact arrangement and space to work with, and wall mounting is always an option. So, yes, 55 inch TVs are a great size for bedrooms, even those on the smaller side.

55 inch TV FAQs

Are 55 inch TVs a good choice for a small room?

55″ TVs are a great choice for any small bedroom as they offer great value for money and can fill a small room nicely. They can be wall mounted or sat on a desk or TV stand without taking up too much space, making them a great choice for most small to medium sized rooms.

Do 55 inch TVs showcase good value for money?

In terms of value, the 55 inch TV is right up there with the very best. Even today, as we enter a new phase of large-screen TVs, the 55 inch TV set continues to shine when it comes value – with many offering excellent performance and image quality.

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