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85 inch TV dimensions – too big for your house?

Time to measure up a massive 85 inch TV, here are the dimensions

Updated: Feb 6, 2024 5:12 pm
85 inch TV dimensions – too big for your house?

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If you’re looking 85 inch TV dimensions, you’ve come to the right place! Picture this: you’re sitting on your couch, sipping on a hot cup of coffee, and settling in for a marathon of your favorite movies or latest Apple Original. As the lights go dim, the curtains close, and the movie starts playing, you’re transported to a world of larger-than-life visuals and sounds. And, as the 85-inch TV screen comes to life, it completely engulfs your field of view, making you feel like you’re in the action itself.

Going for a big-screen TV like this opens up a ton of possibilities, and the experience is only enhanced if you have something like the best Mini-LED TV. This kind of size is way above what you’d find in a monitor for example. Regardless of that, all 85″ TVs follow the same measurements, minus the frame and bezels.

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How big is a 85 inch TV?

To make this simple, we’ve put the clear-cut information in the table below! Check out the 85 inch TV dimensions in inches, centimeters, and millimeters, whether you need to measure the width or height. The diagonal measurement is of course where these TVs get their name from, which is based on the screen size itself, if you want to convert that into width and height (W x H), then see the table below.

85 Inch TV DimensionsWidthHeightDiagonal
Inches (“)75.2543.484.6
Centimeters (cm)191.1110.2214.9
Millimeters (mm)191111022149

85 inch TV dimensions in cms

To put it simply, the width of an 85-inch TV is approximately 188 centimeters or 74 inches. Yes, you read that right, a screen that measures over 6 feet across! And when we look at the diagonal length, it transforms into an NBA-like 216 cm! Two meters and sixteen centimeters! This behemoth of a TV is the epitome of luxury and grandeur, and owning one will undoubtedly change the way you experience entertainment forever.

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How wide is an 85 inch TV? 85 inch TV width

In terms of how wide an 85 inch TV is, we of course look to the width. As per the full dimensions we list above, an 85 inch TV is 75.25 inches wide. For centimeters, this works out as 191.1 cm wide, or 1911 millimeters. If you’re looking to house a massive TV like this, be sure you have enough space to accommodate it! Depending on whether you want it wall mounted or not, you can also check out the best TV stand or unit for the job too. Aspect ratio for TVs is generally 16:9 for widescreen viewing, and we don’t expect that to change any time soon – we can disregard 4:3 displays of old here.

Is 85 inches TV too big for your house?

But, before you run out and make this big purchase, it’s important to diligently scan the size of the room you’re putting it in, as well as the distance between the TV and your comfort zone (viewing space). Generally speaking, an 85-inch TV has a recommended viewing distance of around 3-4 times the height of the screen. Samsung reports around 2.6m or 8.5ft as a suitable viewing distance. So, if you have a low couch or a coffee table in front of your TV, you will probably want to rearrange your living room to ensure that you conveniently enjoy the full impact of an 85-inch screen.

The mere size of an 85-inch TV makes it a statement piece in any room. It commands attention and demands to be center-stage, so it’s essential to choose a wall that will complement the TV and make it look as stunning as possible. Ideally, you’ll want to mount the TV on a wall that’s painted in a neutral color, such as white or beige, to really make it ‘the elephant in a room’.

What else to consider with an 85 inch TV?

Of course, size isn’t the only factor that makes an 85-inch TV so special. These behemoth screens come packed with the most advanced specifications, including 4K or 8K (ultra HD) resolution, the latest HDR technologies, and magnificent OLED and QLED panels. Don’t expect to see to many full HD (1080p) displays at this size. The large size of the TV means that you can sit further away from it and still enjoy a vivid image, proving it a top pick for families or large groups of friends who love to gather and spend their time together.

One of the most significant advantages of an 85-inch TV is that it’s perfect for a person who wants to entertain. Whether you’re hosting a movie night, a video game tournament, or a sports night, the TV’s gigantic size will make all your guests gasp in awe. Impacting visuals and enveloping sound combine for an experience that your esteemed guests will have a hard time forgetting.

Are 85 inch TVs heavy?

Sitting close to the top end of the TV sizing scale, 85-inch TVs are some of the heaviest of the lot. That being said, the weight of TV will depend on a number of factors such as panel technology and brand. Very example, OLED TVs are some of the lightest, lacking a traditional backlight. This makes them easier to wall mount without installing a heavy-duty bracket for mounting.

Taking an example with the OLED LG C3, the 83-inch model is listed as weighing ‎91.7 pounds, which converts to 41.6 kg. Looking at a latest QLED TV like the QN90C, this weighs in at ‎110 pounds for 85 inches. If you are going to wall mount your TV, we recommend using the wall mount supplied (if applicable) or doing some research into the weight to ensure suitable compatibility.

85 inch TV dimensions FAQs

Is a 85 inches TV too big for bedrooms?

Generally speaking, an 85 inch TV isn’t ideal for bedrooms, as the large screen size is better suited for larger living rooms. Regardless, this depends on your exact space. If you do have an exceptionally large bedroom, check out the dimensions to see if 85″ is a perfect fit for you.

Is an 85″ TV exactly 85 inches?

When it comes to exact measurements, you may be surprised to see that 85 inch TVs don’t match the measurement 1:1. The name is derived from the diagonal measurement of the display, which is generally just short at 84.6 inches.

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