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43 inch TV dimensions – height, width, & diagonal size

Just how big is a 43 inch TV?

Updated: Feb 9, 2024 11:04 am
43 inch TV dimensions – height, width, & diagonal size

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The world of TVs has come a long way since its humble beginnings, especially when you consider that 43 inch TV dimensions now sit towards the bottom of the sizing guide. From the clunky box sets of yesteryear to the sleek, slim screens of today, the evolution of the TV has been a testament to the advancement of technology.

This brings us to the topic of today’s discussion, the 43-inch TV. Often seen as the sweet spot for smaller spaces, the width of a 43-inch TV can greatly impact the overall look and feel of your entertainment setup. It’s not just the width though, as we can talk you through the height and diagonal dimensions too in a variety of measurements.

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How big is a 43 inch TV? 43 inch TV dimensions in cm, inches, mm

43 inch TV dimensionsWidthHeightDiagonal

For your convenience, 43 inches roughly estimate the diagonal width at 109 cm. You might think that’s only ‘alright’, but you’d be surprised. We’ve listed more about on the width and height you can expect to see from a 43 inch TV. This is referring to the screen size itself however, so you do need to consider bezel and border size when measuring up, which are generally thin on modern displays.

The longer side would be around 96 cm, just a bit shy of the whole meter. Respectively, the height of a 43-inch TV would be a compact 54 cm. A 43-inch TV is on the smaller side, and as such, it offers a more intimate and compact viewing experience. The smaller size is perfect for not-so-spacious rooms, such as your bedroom for example, where you want a TV that is both functional and unobtrusive.

How wide is a 43 inch TV in cms?

If you want to know how wide it is strictly, then you should of course consult the width of the display. For reference, that would be 37.5″, or 95.3 centimeters / 953 millimeters for the screen itself.

It depends on what you’re use to, of course, but a 43-inch TV packs a solid blow in it despite being one of the smaller standardized sizes out there. If you’re going to be trying to fit your next 43″ TV into a tight space, then it’s always a good idea to try and find exact dimensions for your particular model. This is because size can differ slightly between manufacturers and products, especially when you have to take in borders or speakers into account.

Is a 43 inch TV too small?

It’s important to remember that width is just one pillar of the TV’s overall perspective. A 43-inch TV can make a big impact in a smaller space, but it certainly will feel tiny in a larger room. That’s why it’s important to consider the size of your space and the distance from which the TV will be viewed, as well as the previously stated width and height of the TV itself.

Another important consideration is the visual quality of the content you’ll be watching. A smaller screen like a 43-inch TV will be unable to deliver the same level of detail and clarity as a larger TV if you’re not too close to it, and you may miss out on the more subtle aspects of your favorite movies or video games.

But there are advantages to having a 43-inch TV, beyond its smaller size. A 43-inch TV is more budget-friendly than larger TVs, and it’s also easier to mount and install. Plus, with advancements in the industry, high-quality, high-resolution content on a 43-inch TV is available far and wide.

What is optimal viewing distance for 43 inch TV?

Large TVs require you to sit much further back for the optimal viewing distance, but the relatively small screen size that is 43″ can be viewed closer up without straining or affecting your perspective of the picture quality. 43″ is creeping up to some medium-sized TVs and should be viewed from a distance of 6 feet / 1.83 meters according to RTINGS’ distance calculator.

Additionally, even with the viewing angle being lenient on many TVs such as OLED panels, it is recommended that you stay at eye level as well as the right distance away. Of course, this assumes you have enough space to work with, but you should take this into consideration, especially if you’re wall-mounting your TV.

43 inch TV dimensions FAQs

Is a 43″ TV a good size for bedrooms?

In most cases, a 43 inch TV is a good fit for a bedroom. This TV size is considered one of the more compact choices these days, making them a great choice for smaller rooms. This of course depends on the exact amount of space you have to work with – but on average, we’d say it’s a good size.

Are 43″ TVs the same size for different brands?

The 43″ TV size refers to the screen size itself diagonally, and this is a going to be a standardized measurement across different brands. However, the overall size of the TV itself can differ slightly due to bezel size, border size, or any additional features such as stereo speakers.

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