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Intel 14th gen processor list – all Intel 14th gen CPUs so far

Here are all the Intel 14th gen CPUs in one place

Updated: Jan 16, 2024 10:37 am
Intel 14th gen processor list – all Intel 14th gen CPUs so far

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The Intel 14th gen release date has finally hit, so about time to explore what we know so far about the current Intel 14th gen processor list so you don’t have to go off and find where to buy one with no prior knowledge of the 14th gen line-up. Expect to see much of the same as the Intel 13th gen, though the initial release stuck to some key models rather than the entire range. However, some time has passed now so even the non-K CPUs are here to stay. We got to review a couple of those key models – the i9-14900K and i5-14600K SKUs, so feel free to check them out.

We’ve been answering all sorts of Intel 14th gen queries, so whether you’re looking forward to integrated graphics, or just want to know how to apply thermal paste, we can get you ready for your Intel 14th gen CPU once you’ve picked out the one for you from the list.

Intel 14th gen processor list – full list of Intel 14th gen CPUs so far

Intel 14th generation processorsCores (P+E)Threads
i9-14900K24 (8+16)32
i9-14900KF24 (8+16)32
i9-1490024 (8+16)32
i9-14900F24 (8+16)32
i9-14900T24 (8+16)32
i7-14790F24 (8+16)24
i7-14700K20 (8+12)28
i7-14700KF20 (8+12)28
i7-1470020 (8+12)28
i7-14700F20 (8+12)28
i7-14700T20 (8+12)28
i5-14600K14 (6+8)20
i5-14600KF14 (6+8)20
i5-1460014 (6+8)20
i5-14600T14 (6+8)20
i5-1450014 (6+8)20
i5-14500T14 (6+8)20
i5-14490F10 (6+4)16
i5-1440010 (6+4)16
i5-14400F10 (6+4)16
i5-14400T10 (6+4)16
i3-141004 (4)8
i3-14100F4 (4)8
i3-14100T4 (4)8
Intel Processor 3002 (2)4
Intel Processor 300T2 (2)4
List of current Intel 14th gen CPUs, with Cores (Performance + Efficient) and Threads

Even before these officially released, outlets such as Videocardz gave us a good view of what to expect, including the Intel 14th gen price and more; the image below explains in detail. We can see that the official Intel newsroom confirmed these details, so be sure to check out whether your 14th gen CPU will come with a cooler as well.

Intel 14th gen specs and pricing
Image source: VideoCardz / HDTecnologia

Will Intel 14th gen have more CPUs than Intel 13th gen?

Back when the 13th gen released, it too only stuck to the popular 13900, 13700, and 13600 models, but it has since expanded down to a large list – especially the introduction of new budget i3 and i5 processors early in January 2023. We saw the same thing happen with the 14th gen in January 2024, so the two generations are pretty much on par with each other.

However, we still haven’t seen KS models for the 14th gen – but we do have two extra entry-level options in the 300 & 300T. So it looks like the 14th gen could one of the biggest yet with a wide range of options if you’re in need of a desktop processor.

Intel 14th gen processors list FAQs

Have Intel announced all 14th gen processors?

At the time of writing, Intel have announced the vast majority, if not all, of their 14th gen processors. We now have SKUs from the high-end Core i9 CPUs down to Core i3, and even below. We could see some KS variants in future though.

Does Intel 14th gen have i3 processors?

Although we didn’t see any 14th gen i3 processors during the initial launch of the new generation, we got them as expected in early 2024 to coincide with CES 2024, one of the biggest tech events of the year.

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