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How much is a gaming laptop?

How much do gaming laptops cost? How much should I spend on a gaming laptop? These questions answered, plus a list of our gaming laptop price guides

Updated: Dec 29, 2022 8:01 pm
How much is a gaming laptop?

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How much is a gaming laptop? How long is a piece of string? Two of life’s big questions, and we will attempt to answer at least one of them on this very page.

Yes, if you haven’t already gathered, gaming laptops vary substantially in price, so there isn’t any one answer to this question.

Broadly speaking, gaming laptops range in price between $500 – $3,500, with with the age of the laptop, the quality/power/functionality of the components, the overall design quality, and the brand name all determining how much each model costs.

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How much should I pay for a gaming laptop?

If you’re looking for a budget gaming laptop, the absolute minimum we’d pay if in MSRP terms (during major sales prices may be reduced further) is $500. Any cheaper than this and you’ll struggle to find anything we’d typically term a gaming laptop i.e. something with a dedicated graphics card and a maximum screen refresh rate above 60Hz. $800 is really the entry-level amount we’d recommend spending if you want a budget machine though.

The mid-range of gaming laptops typically covers the price range between $1,000$1,500, or thereabouts. This is where the majority of people will probably wish to look, where they can get a machine that will likely be able to play the latest games, at least on lower graphical settings.

Finally $2,000+ is the high-end, where the most premium gaming laptops are found. These are able to run the latest games on the higher settings.

Gaming laptop price guides

The below represents our full list of gaming laptop guides, divided by price point. If you’re interested in seeing our best-of lists as divided by brand or component type, check out the full list in the drop-down mega menu at the top of this page.

How much is a gaming laptop? Final word

We hope this has helped you find something of an answer for the rather broad question: How much is a gaming laptop? Do be sure to check out our various other gaming laptop FAQ pages for more info on other subjects.

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