Rumors Of AMD Ryzen 5000 APUs Have Started To Appear

Rumors Of AMD Ryzen 5000 APUs Have Started To Appear

Even though we’ve only just had the release of the Ryzen 4000 Renoir CPUs, it looks like we are already starting to see some information on the next generation of Ryzen APUs. 

Details from Dell have appeared that list these Ryzen 5000 APUs as a mobility part which could be in line to replace the Ryzen 4000 CPUs in 2021. 

What Do These Leaks Show Us?

These leaks were originally spotted over in the Anandtech Forum and seem to reveal the fact that AMD has already started to work on its next lineup of APUs. It also looks like Dell is planning on utilizing these on a new range of 15.6-inch laptops. 

Twitter user _rogame also went into these leaks and highlighted that these Cezanne chips will likely match up against Intel’s upcoming Tiger Lake processors which will include their Xe graphics

We could see these Tiger Lake laptops start to drop at the end of 2020 (or early 2021 if there are delays) and these next-generation 5000 series Cezanne APUs could follow soon after. 

The fact that these leaks also point to the fact that these Cezanne chips will be ‘pin-compatible’ with Ryzen 4000 also means that laptop manufacturers won’t have to worry about changing the design of their motherboards. 

The graphical capability of these Cezanne chips could really help set them apart from their competition. Having a laptop with integrated RDNA 2 graphics will go a long, long way in the budget gaming laptop world and will likely pull in a lot of customers. 

Four New Dell Laptop Configurations

Although we don’t have any firm details on what type of specifications these laptops will have, we do know that there are at least four 15.6 inch Dell laptops that are detailed in the leaks. 

These are as follows: 

  • QHD 240 Hz, DCI-P3 90% (HDR), 1 ms
  • FHD 360 Hz, sRGB-100%, 1 ms
  • FHD 165 Hz, sRGB-100%, 3 ms
  • FHD 120 Hz, 250 nits, 45% NTSC

Each of these models is said to feature Freesync panels but other than that, we don’t know too much more. It is good news that Dell is already planning their next-generation models though. 

If we hear any more information about what AMD is planning with their next generation of APUs, we will keep you updated.