The CPU is the control center of your computer, so getting the right one is a necessity that can’t be overlooked. They are responsible for commanding all the other components in a PC, so you need to make sure they’re working hard for you. We’ve worked our way through plenty of CPUs to bring you the best choices on the market right now. No matter what budget you’re working with, we’ve got a CPU for you and your build.

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What is a CPU & what does it do?

A CPU, or central processing unit, is the theoretical brain of the computing device you are using. At its core, a CPU takes instructions from certain programs and applications and executes them. Whilst modern-day systems don’t rely on the CPUs for all tasks, it still feeds the unique hardware with the numbers required to function. Intel & AMD are the two leading names of CPU manufacturers that you may have heard of.


Why is a CPU important in gaming & how it can affect performance?

Unlike yesteryears games, modern-day gaming doesn’t rely on the processor as heavily as it once did. Back when games were less graphically demanding, a lot of the game’s performance gains would come from processing performance. However, since then, games have been developed to put most of their computational demand on the GPU.

That being said, CPUs still play a major role in today’s games. Since they’re solely responsible for executing commands, a quicker CPU will theoretically be able to run games quicker. That being said, that doesn’t necessarily translate to pure FPS (Frames per Second).

Where the CPU Lives 1

How Do I Find Out Which CPU I Have

The easiest way to find out what CPU you have inside your computer is to check via the System Settings. You can access System Settings by the following route Windows > Settings > System > About. Once in the “About” tab, you’ll see a “device specification” section. Inside here you will be able to see exactly what CPU you are running.

where CPU specification can be accessed

How To Choose The Best Gaming CPU

WePC prides itself on staying up to date with the latest CPU news, as well as reviewing and benchmarking the best CPUs for gaming. Your budget will be a big factor in deciding the type of gaming CPU you want to buy, as well as what sort of performance you’re looking to achieve. Depending on whether you consider yourself an entry-level or advanced gamer, there will be a perfect CPU for you. Just make sure it’s compatible with your gaming PC build first.

Some of the main factors you should consider before purchasing your next CPU are:

  • Core count: Core count is the number of physical cores that the CPU has at its disposal. Whilst more cores may seem great, that doesn’t necessarily help us from a gaming standpoint. Gaming relies heavily on single-core performance, so having a fancy 18 core CPU won’t do much for our gaming performance. Number one rule for gamers when purchasing a CPU is; choose one that has strong single-core performance.
  • Price: Like all hardware options, price is a hugely important factor when it comes to CPUs. Fortunately, today’s market offers up some of the best value for money CPUs we’ve ever seen. That being said, there is still a huge difference between low-end and high-end CPUs. Always be aware of the price difference between individual CPUs. Going from a low-end to a mid-range could literally add an additional $200 to your budget.

Maximising Your CPU Performance

Benchmarking CPU

It’s a good idea to benchmark your CPU so that you can see exactly how much current processing power you have against how much you need.

CPU Temperature

If the temperature of your CPU gets too high your whole PC is likely to switch off, which can be frustrating when you’re midway through gaming. So it’s definitely worth looking at how to reduce CPU temperatures.

Stress Testing CPU

Stress testing is a good way to see the stability of gaming pc’s components when they’re being used. Stress testing your CPU is a very good place to start due to its functionality & impact on gaming.

Overclocking CPU

Increasing the clock speed of your CPU can really boost the performance of your gaming pc. We’ve put together some of the best ways to overclock your CPU.

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