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Meta Quest 3 release date & everything we know so far

Everything we know so far about the Meta Quest 3 release date, specs, and pricing

Updated: Jun 1, 2023 4:56 pm
Meta Quest 3 release date & everything we know so far

Not long after the announcement of the Meta Quest Pro at Meta Connect 2022, we started hearing rumors about a potential Meta Quest 3. And now we bring you the Meta Quest 3 release date and all the information we know so far about it, even though we though the Quest Pro was going to be the Quest 3.

Anyway, now we’ve established that the Meta Quest 3 is not the Meta Quest Pro, we can start talking about everything we know so far. This is particularly exciting as we’ve slowly discovered that the Meta Quest Pro isn’t really for gaming, as it has a stronger focus on other uses in business and education, and we fully expect the Meta Quest 3 to be all about gaming.

Meta Quest 3 release date

In months gone by, we had assumed that 2022 was far too early to release the Meta Quest, and were proven right by the Meta Quest Pro’s arrival, however, there was always talk that Meta was developing two VR devices concurrently. And now we get an announcement from the Zuck himself on Instagram showing that the Meta Quest 3 is coming in Fall 2023

Along with an unlisted trailer video, it does give a good look at when we can expect to see the new VR headset from Meta. Fall is a broad release date, but Zuckerberg does say more information will be provided in the Connect conference that is scheduled for September 27th. That might be the Meta Quest 3 release date or we might see it in October instead, but not too long now.

Meta Quest 3 release date this fall
A vague release date for the Meta Quest 3, source: Meta

Meta Quest 3 price

In the same trailer, we also do get the confirmation of the price. The Meta Quest 3 comes with a price of $499 at a minimum. As that is for the 128GB version, so there will be additional storage options available at a higher price that isn’t confirmed as of yet.

This is fantastic news for those who were shocked at the inaccessible pricing of the Meta Quest Pro, as this is far more in line with the Meta Quest 2 pricing, though it will probably and understandably be priced at a premium above the Meta Quest 2. This news comes at a great time for those who might not be sure if the Meta Quest Pro is worth it.

This release does also mean the price of the Quest 2 will go down, due to the compatibility of games with the new one. But from June 4th Quest 2 will be starting at $299.99 for 128GB, and $349.99 for the 256GB.

Meta Quest 3 price
Meta Quest 3 coming in at $499, source: Meta

Meta Quest 3 features

When we start to consider the potential features, we see where the price starts to make sense too, as the Meta Quest 3 features will be angled more toward a stripped-back Quest Pro with more of a gaming focus. So, hopefully, the Meta Quest 3 will borrow just enough of the innovations from the Quest Pro, without increasing the price to more than what Zuckerberg said it would be.

As ever, Brad Lynch has provided his two cents on the Meta Quest 3, and his thoughts mirror our own regarding the shift to AR over purely VR and reduced overall cost. And we have seen the pass-through offering a full-color array from the cameras and with an expected double the power from the new Snapdragon processor over the Quest 2.

Meta Quest 3 specs

John Bradley (@SadlyItsBradly on Twitter) gave the first look at what you could expect from the Meta Quest 3. And now with the announcement The Meta Quest 3, codenamed ‘Stinson’ appears to have a design more similar to the Meta Quest 2, and the overall specs and capabilities are going to fall somewhere in between that of the Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro.

This tallies up with something else that Mark Zuckerberg said in the aforementioned interview where he said that the high price and advanced tech of the Meta Quest Pro would help create a ‘development ecosystem’, which would then allow a more consumer-accessible device down the line, which would be the Meta Quest 3. But the GPU in the VR headset is expected to reach 2x the performance of the Meta Quest 2.

Cameras & tracking

Front and center on the headset we can see 3 oval-ish shapes. Where the tracking and passthrough cameras are nested. With a large vertical height and a large spread of them, there should be a much better field of view for them. This is good news as the headset needs to ‘see’ the controllers to track their movements, and the Meta Quest 2 was notorious for losing vision on the controllers when they were moved too high above the head or too low below the waist.

Additionally, the fact that there are 3 camera cutouts spread across the front of the headset probably means that the horizontal FOV will be pretty good too, but again, this is still speculation at this point. Also, the trailer shows good depth perception as the user plays some form of D&D.

From hands-on, the Bloomberg experience informs us that the design is lighter and adds new sensors. With four cameras nestled in the pills split left and right and two in-depth sensors that should really improve the AR functionality.

Meta Quest 3 FAQs

Is there a Meta Quest 3 coming out?

Yes. It has finally got a trailer, release window, and price so it has been confirmed as on the way.

How much will the Meta Quest 3 be?

The Meta Quest 3 will have a starting price of $499.99 for the 128GB model. With the likelihood of larger storage options available for more when released.

is Meta and Oculus the same?

Oculus was purchased by Meta. After this, any subsequent VR headsets were known as ‘Meta’ headsets, instead of Oculus.

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