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Meta Quest Pro Price: Here’s why the Meta Quest Pro is so expensive

The Meta Quest Pro price is shocking to a lot of people, let's see why

Updated: Nov 15, 2022 10:30 am
Meta Quest Pro Price: Here’s why the Meta Quest Pro is so expensive

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Since the recent Meta Connect 2022 event, which saw the official announcement of the Meta Quest Pro, much of the VR community has been blindsided by the Meta Quest Pro Price. Many aren’t even sure if the Meta Quest Pro is worth it.

However, now we’re beginning to see the Meta Quest Pro headsets actually land on people’s doorsteps, and the responses are mostly positive.

A lot of people have been blown away by the visual upgrades, with the increased FOV receiving some specific stand-out praise, with the other Meta Quest Pro specs being cited as an impressive upgrade too.

So, we thought we’d take a quick look a why the Meta Quest Pro costs so much, and see if there’s any way of explaining the substantial Meta Quest Pro price.

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How much does the Meta Quest Pro cost? All regions

Unfortunately, if you were hoping to get the Meta Quest Pro at a sneaky discount by purchasing from a different region, you’re out of luck as Meta has used universal pricing, mostly.

This means the Meta Quest Pro price is the same regardless of region. the Meta Quest Pro prices are listed below, per region.

  • Meta Quest Pro price (US) – $1499
  • Meta Quest Pro price (UK) – £1499
  • Meta Quest Pro price (EU) – €1799

As you can see from these prices, the Meta Quest Pro is expensive regardless of where you’re getting it from.

But why is the Meta Quest Pro so expensive? Well, the Meta Quest Pro specs aren’t looking as impressive as we’d hoped, especially when directly compared to the Meta Quest 2.

So, maybe the true purpose isn’t gaming, but something else…

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Meta Quest Pro price: Professional premium

After watching the Meta Connect keynote back, we noticed that the keynote was decidedly non-gaming focused.

initially, this struck us a bit weird, given the Meta Quest 2’s almost exclusive gaming focus. Indeed other competitors such as the upcoming PSVR 2 and PICO 4 VR are gaming-only devices and won’t cost $1500.

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However, the Meta Quest Pro price and intended purpose are now clear. Yes, the Meta Quest Pro is good for gaming, but it’s clear now that Meta intends for it to be the top-tier Virtual reality/mixed reality solution for professional settings, and it seems like it’s going to be good for exercise too.

Both of these use cases are very distinct from gaming, which strongly hints at what Meta intends this device to be, which is the premier way to access the Metaverse, an enterprise-level VR headset, and a mixed-reality exercise tool.

Additionally, there are already some rumblings about the Meta Quest 3 release date, which sounds like it’ll be the true successor to the Meta Quest 2.

Now that the Meta Quest Pro has actually been released, we’re beginning to get a clearer picture of the device’s capabilities, with some early adopters venerating it as the new gold standard of VR.

Particularly a Redditor, u/CHARpieHS, has been documenting his first impressions of the Meta Quest Pro via an AMA on Reddit. His thoughts echo the general consensus that the Meta Quest Pro is fantastic, but not worth the money, at least not to the majority of consumers.

However, hopefully, the price large companies with be paying for the Meta Quest Pro will help to offset the costs of the eventual Meta Quest 3. Additionally, the innovative, cutting-edge tech that you’re paying so much for in the Meta Quest Pro might trickle down to the Meta Quest 3.

How much does the Meta Quest Pro cost

The Meta Quest Pro currently retails for $1499/£1499/€1799

Can you play games on the Meta Quest Pro?

Yes. However. The intended purposes of the Meta Quest Pro are more focused toward business and exercise.

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