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Is the Meta Quest Pro worth it? Let’s take a look.

The price of the Meta Quest Pro has people asking a lost of questions...

Updated: Nov 15, 2022 10:51 am
Is the meta quest pro worth it

The Meta Quest Pro was finally officially announced at Meta Connect 2022, resulting in a lot of people asking “Is the Meta Quest Pro worth it?”.

This question is unsurprising given the announcement. Amongst the flurry of Metaverse updates and other company news, Mark Zuckerberg announced the price of the Meta Quest Pro, $1500/£1500.

Understandably, this got a mixed reaction, as it’s over three times the price of the Meta Quest 2. So, is the Meta Quest Pro worth it? Let’s take a closer look and see whether the Quest Pro is worth a buy

Is the Meta Quest Pro overpriced?

The Meta Quest Pro price shocked many people, which is understandable as it’s around the same price as the similarly inaccessible RTX 4090 that was also recently released.

meta quest pro pre order 1

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We’ve also taken a closer look at how it stacks up to its predecessor. Read our Meta Quest 2 vs Meta Quest Pro page for advice on whether you should upgrade.

Now that the Meta Quest Pro has finally been released, we’re in a better position to work out whether it’s worth it or not. Unfortunately, while it might be the best VR headset out there, it probably isn’t worth the money to the majority of you.

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So, is the Meta Quest Pro worth it? From a value perspective, no, not really. However, don’t stop reading quite yet as when it comes to gaming, the story might be different.

Is the Meta Quest Pro worth it? The specs

As you guys might know, we’re all about the nitty gritty here, so let’s get to the specs, as that might better give us the answer to “Is the Meta Quest Pro worth it?”.

As we mentioned earlier, the specs are a little bit hard to find, as the official Meta Quest Pro page sort of shrouds them in marketing speak. However, now that the Meta Quest Pro is finally out, we’ve finally got a better idea of its capabilities.

Meta Quest Pro specs

  • Optics: 3x cameras, with real-time expression tracking.
  • Sensors: 10x VR/MR sensors.
  • CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+
  • RAM: 12GB RAM
  • Storage: 256GB
  • Optics: Pancake lenses with an IPD range of 55-75mm, with continuous automatic adjustment
  • Resolution: 1800×1920 (per-eye)
  • Refresh rate: 90hz
  • Battery life: 1-2 hours rated
  • Weight: 722g/1.59lbs

Specs, however, tell only half the story, but now the Meta Quest is in the hands of consumers. we’re beginning to see some confirmed user’s sharing their experience of the new headset, for example u/CHARpieHS.

He’s got some interesting insights too, according to him, the FOV, though only improved a couple of degrees, feels far, far better than the Meta Quest 2, with u/CHARpieHS saying “when the rest of the view lights up and reveals the FoV, it feels so large I’m stunned.”

Interestingly, despite all the talk of exercise, u/CHARpiesHS says that the headset might not be the new solution for at home fitness regimes, saying “The only issue I have is I’m not sure the halo strap design is great for fitness”

When comparing these specs to that of the Meta Quest 2, PSVR, and Steam Index, the Meta Quest Pro smashes them out of the water. Additionally, the new and improved controllers make for a far more comprehensive VR experience.

Is the Meta Quest Pro worth it? The Controllers

One of the bigger changes we’re seeing this time around is the controllers. These are known as the Meta Quest Pro Touch controllers and they’re bringing a few pretty big changes to the table.

Our personal favorite feature is the TruTouch haptic feedback, which allows a higher amount of detail when it comes to physical feedback,l additionally, the controllers have some upgraded sensors that can detect pressure and translate that into differing gameplay mechanics.

Also, the controllers make up a pretty significant amount of the total cost of the package it seems, with a pair of replacement Meta Quest Pro Touch controllers costing $300/£300.

It’s good that you can buy replacements, and hopefully, the costs of the controllers reflect the innovations inside, and according to u/CHARpiesHS, the controllers feel great, and Meta’s promise of no dead zones seems to be holding true.

Is the Meta Quest Pro worth it for gaming?

This is a tricky question to answer. As we’ve covered, it isn’t specifically for gaming, unlike offerings from PlayStation and HP. It’s still good for gaming, but at the $1500 price point, the overall value proposition is difficult to fully understand.

Additionally, with the news of the Meta Quest 3 potentially coming quite soon, which is probably going to be a more gaming-focused VR headset, the Meta Quest Pro might be better left to large businesses and Meta Acolytes.

Why the meta Quest Pro price bodes well for consumer VR

With the Meta Quest 3 definitely on the way, we think the exorbitant price of the Meta Quest Pro is actually good news. If Meta’s plan of enterprise/business use comes to fruition, they will be indirectly financing a consumer-friendly, more affordable Meta Quest 3.

With any luck, we’ll get some of the impressive VR technology of the Meta Quest Pro handed down to the meta Quest 3, hopefully with a longer battery life. Perhaps a higher refresh rate?

Is the Meta Quest Pro worth it?

If you want the absolute best VR experience, the Meta Quest Pro is the current king, but the price might be hard to stomach.

When is the Meta Quest out?

The Meta Quest Pro was released wordwide on the 25th October.

How much does the Meta Quest Pro cost?

The Meta Quest Pro can be bought right now for $1500/£1500/€1799.99

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