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Is the Meta Quest Pro good for gaming?

Is the Meta Quest good for gaming? We find out.

Updated: Apr 21, 2023 10:58 am
Is the Meta Quest Pro good for gaming?

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After the official announcement of the Meta Quest Pro release date at the Meta Connect 2022 event, a lot of people have been asking ‘Is the Meta Quest Pro good for gaming?’.

This isn’t even a particularly weird question to ask, as Meta Connect was largely centered on developments surrounding the Metaverse, and the future of Meta itself as a company.

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This combined with some privacy concerns, most notably the ban on the device in Germany, has left a lot of people wondering what the actual purpose of the Meta Quest Pro is. Is the Meta Quest Pro good for gaming? Or is it just the entry requirement for the Metaverse? Let’s take a closer look.

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Is the Meta Quest Pro even for gaming?

This is a question we’re seeing a lot and for good reason. In classic tech keynote fashion, Mark Zuckerberg and Andrew ‘Boz’ Bosworth spent the lion’s share of the event talking about all the great things in the pipeline for the Metaverse.

When Boz and Zuckerberg finally did make it to officially reveal the Meta Quest Pro headset, they then spent most of their time talking about how it can help people achieve their fitness goals and enjoy everything the Metaverse has and will be offering in the future.

In fact, so little time was devoted to talking about gaming that a lot of people are likely sticking with Meta Quest 2 for now, especially given the high price of the Meta Quest Pro.

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Is the Meta Quest Pro good for gaming? The hardware

On the face of it, the Meta Quest Pro looks good for gaming as the tech inside seems super impressive, far above that of the Meta Quest 2 and PSVR. The PICO 4 VR looks quite close, however, and the cost is far lower, so it’s one to look out for.

The Meta Quest Pro specs position it as the most powerful standalone VR headset out there, but its important to remember that many VR headsets like the PSVR, PSVR 2, and Valve Index rely on external devices to power them, so while they are worth considering, they aren’t directly comparable. We’ve listed the specs below for your convenience.

  • CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+
  • RAM: 12GB RAM
  • Storage: 256GB
  • Optics: Pancake lenses with an IPD range of 55-75mm, with continuous automatic adjustment
  • Resolution: 1800×1920 (per-eye)
  • Refresh rate: 90hz
  • Battery life: 1-2 hours rated
  • Weight: 722g/1.59lbs

Is the Meta Quest Pro good for gaming? The headset itself

Now that the Meta Quest Pro has landed on the heads of VR enthusiasts worldwide we’re beginning to get some confirmation that it might not actually be the paradigm shift that Meta hoped it would be, especially when it comes to gaming.

One of the primary annoyances that gamers have found is the lack of a total light blocker included with the headset itself. While a bit of external awareness is good for exercise uses, and invaluable for the business/enterprise sector, it’s not good for gaming.

This is because one of the biggest areas of potential for VR gaming is immersion, and not being 100% surrounded by the game’s environment significantly decreases that. Having customers pay $50 for an accessory that creates immersion is a bit sneaky, especially when the thing already costs $1500.

Is the Meta Quest Pro good for gaming? Our verdict

Between the specs and the backward compatibility, Yes, the Meta Quest Pro is good for gaming, however, it seems clear at this point that Meta is positioning it more for the Metaverse and business use.

But, we think that if people are willing to find the cash for it, it’s one of the top VR headsets out there. We aren’t sure how many people pre ordered it ahead of release but given that it’s been a whole 2 years since the release of the Meta Quest 2.

It also says a lot that people are pitting the Meta Quest 2 vs Meta Quest Pro, because, despite Meta’s best efforts pushing business and exercise uses, people are still looking to use the Meta Quest Pro for gaming. At least they will for now before the eventual release of the Meta Quest 3.

Is the Meta Quest good for gaming?

Yes, the specs and early previews hint show that the Meta Quest Pro is a very capable VR gaming headset

How much does the Meta Quest Pro cost?

The Meta Quest Pro is available right now for $1499/£1499/€1799

Is the Meta Quest Pro good for exercise?

If you’re keen to gamify your fitness routine, the Meta Quest Pro is probably the best VR headset for it.

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