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Best RGB gaming desk 2023

Light up your setup with the best RGB gaming desks in 2024

Updated: Oct 19, 2023 10:50 am
Best RGB gaming desk 2023

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RGB. Red, green, and blue. It’s everywhere. It’s in keyboards, mice, headsets, even mousepads. Now it’s starting to migrate into actual furniture, that’s right, an RGB gaming desk could be your next purchase. this development hasn’t surprised anyone due to the ever-growing ubiquity of the once humble and utilitarian lighting.

It all started around 2014 when companies Corsair and Razer showed off a swathe of rainbow-illuminated keyboards at CES. Following this practically every manufacturer of peripherals jumped straight on the RGB bandwagon and nowadays it’s almost impossible to find a mouse or keyboard without colorful lighting. We’re willing to bet at least one part of your current gaming setup has RGB, even if you don’t use it. And you want more, don’t you? You want it in your desk. Very well, dear reader, let’s find the best RGB gaming desk in 2024.

How we choose the best RGB gaming desk

Well, aside from the RGB in question, most considerations are the same as looking for any gaming desk. It needs to be functional, look good, and additional features are always nice. These features vary wildly but can include height-adjustability, cable routing, even power supplies.


This is an obvious one, but sadly it isn’t always present. There are a couple of things we look for here, and additional things we think you should consider. The first thing is size. The overall footprint of the desk needs to have a large enough area to fit your monitor, peripheral, etc. and it needs to fit within the space you’re planning to put it. Keeping a tape measure handy is essential here.

Another area of consideration is the load capacity, this being the maximum weight the desk can withstand before breaking. This is especially pertinent if you’ve got a massive ultrawide monitor like the Samsung Oddysey G9, as some of these monitors have some serious heft. This becomes even more important if you keep your PC on your desk, it all adds up and you’ll need to make sure that your desk is up to the challenge. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a pile of rubble instead of a battlestation.

Design aesthetics

This may seem superficial, but you’ve found yourself on this page after googling ‘best RGB gaming desk’, sou you clearly value the looks of your gaming setup. We consider the materials, shape, and texture of the desk to be important here. Some RGB gaming desks even feature built-in mousepads. Additionally, a more neutral color scheme helps as it increases visual compatibility with your existing peripherals, PC, and monitor. Luckily, the presence of RGB allows you to choose the color scheme to a certain extent anyway.

Features and price

The humble desk has evolved from its beginnings as essentially a plank at a convenient height. Now there are many features that can make or break a gaming desk. Some have cable routing, adjustable height, and in-built power supplies. Additionally, ergonomic designs and cup and headphone holders are becoming more and more common too.

The price might seem an obvious one but it’s worth noting anyway. Some of the best RGB gaming desks can be inordinately expensive so be aware and try to get the most for your money. We’ll have some more budget-oriented picks if you’re looking to light up your gaming setup, without selling vital organs on the black market.


Secretlab Magnus Pro

MAGNUS Pro desk

Surface size

1500mm x 585mm (Excluding hinged lid of cable management tray)

Surface thickness


Height range

650mm – 1250mm

Max load

120kg (Including the desktop itself)

  • Supreme build quality
  • Large adjustment range
  • Convenient power passthrough and cable management tray
  • Not as deep as we’d like
  • Expensive

Many of you will be familiar with Secret lab’s reputation as a manufacturer of premium gaming chairs, we’ve reviewed a few of them in the past and they’ve reliably impressed us time and time again. So they have a pedigree in terms of furniture, this meant it wasn’t surprising when they released their first gaming desk, the Magnus. It has an entire ecosystem of magnetic accessories, cable routing, and yes, RGB.

There are a few reasons why the Secretlab Magnus takes the top spot for best RGB gaming desk. First of which is the unparalleled cable management capability. It has a few different features that make it a cable-hater’s dream. First of which is the large tray on the rear underside of the desk. It’s quite deep and spans the entire width of the desk. Unless you have literally hundreds of cables to hide, you’ll be covered here. It’s accessed by the hinged cover on the rear of the desk, allowing you to tidy the cables away and close it up.

This section of the desk is also where the RGB is found, It’s positioned as such that the lighting shines onto the diagonal section of the cover, which reflected and diffuses the RGB up towards the user. We like this implementation of light a lot as you don’t actually see the strip of LEDs, which makes the lighting feel more organic and ethereal.

Other aspects of cable management goodness are found on the legs. There are magnetic sleeves that can be positioned anywhere on the legs to route the cables down and away. With a bit of fiddling it’s entirely possible to arrange this desk in such a way that literally no cables are visible.

Other aspects of this desk that we enjoy are the all-steel construction, adjustable height, and magnetic ecosystem of accessories that really do add a lot of functionality to the desk. It’s really very expensive, however, so if you want the absolute best RGB gaming desk, this is it, but you’ll have to fork out for it.

For more information, read our full review of the Secretlab Magnus desk here.

OSP Adaptor RGB gaming desk

OSP Adaptor


Gaming desk

Max weight load



1600mm (W), 710mm (D), 910mm (H)




The OSP Adaptor gaming desk earns its spot here for a sleek, user-optimized design, recent cable management, and most importantly, a built-in power supply. The ever-increasing number of personal tech devices has created a corresponding increase in the need for places to charge them. Building a power supply into a gaming desk is an excellent way of achieving this.

This is one of the more-feature laden desks we’ve seen. Not only does it have the RGB lighting that qualifies it for a place on this list, but it has a wireless charging pad, multiple USB and power outlets, and some fairly comprehensive cable management too. There’s a lot to like about this desk and honestly it is an absolute steal for the price.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t feature a tray on the underside like the Magnus, but it accomplishes decent cable management via a series of holes. If you don’t mind a bit of cable visibility and need a powered solution, this may be the desk for you. It also has a small inset at the front, meaning you can get closer to the game, and to the wealth of features, this desk boasts.

We also really like the neutral grey color scheme, this is a valuable asset as it means that regardless of your current setup, it’ll blend nicely when paired with this desk. The monitor shelf is also a nice addition, making for either an ergonomic place for your screens or additional storage. Other handy features of the OSP adaptor desk are the built-in cup holder and device tray, allowing for convenient placement and angling of a tablet or other such secondary device. Additionally, the desk measures 160cm x 71cm, making it slightly broader than the Magnus. This is an excellent pick if you have the space, and need constant powered support for many devices.

Thermaltake ToughDesk 300 RGB

toughdesk 300 rgb


Gaming desk

Max weight load



1600mm (L), 600mm (D), 700mm – 1100mm (H)


Yes, via included deskpad.


We imagine at some point almost every desk will have sit/stand functionality. But for now, it’s a privilege only attainable at a higher price point, and the Thermaltake ToughDesk 300 is no exception. Luckily it has a few additional features that help to justify that price tag. We’ll start with the full-coverage RGB mousemat that nets this desk a place on the list of best RGB gaming keyboards.

The surface of the mousepad is semi-coarse textured, this is a weave that strikes a balance between speed and grip. This is ideal for a wide range of games and because it’s full-coverage if you need to use a faster mousepad, it can simply be placed on top of this one without compromising the aesthetic of the desk.

Of course, the most notable feature of this desk aside from the inherent RGB lighting is the sit/stand functionality. It has an impressive travel distance of 400mm, allowing you to experience comfortable heights for both sitting and standing, depending on your preference. This is accomplished via the control pad on the right-hand side of the desk and is powered by a near-silent motor that can effortlessly move the desk up and down to any height you desire, even with a full complement gaming setup on the surface.

The ToughDesk 300 also hides a cable management tray on the underside, making for easy hiding of pesky cables, allowing you to better design your setup and stay tidy. This is one of the most important aspects of the best RGB gaming desks and we are saddened that it isn’t more common. The tray is accessible either via the back or through the rear-central cross-shaped slot through the mousepad itself. A couple of minutes of management and the cables are gone. Not bad, Thermaltake, not bad.

Cougar Mars Pro 150

mars pro 150


Gaming desk

Max weight load



1500mm (L), 771mm (D), 750mm / 800 / 850 mm (H)


If you’re looking for the best RGB gaming desk, with unparalleled connectivity, this is it. The Mars Pro 150 features a very helpful built-in hub with USB Type-A, Type-C, and 3.5mm connections. This is the main aspect of this desk that sets it apart from the competition as it expands your options with the use of this streamlined hub. The hub has a helpful monitor pass-through too, so you can more easily take the video output from a portable device and expand it onto your main monitor. This is a killer feature for ease of use and is particularly useful for streamers or video editors.

But let’s get to the most important part, the RGB lighting. This is, as far as we know, the only gaming desk that has compatibility with the RGB controller software present in most motherboards these days. It works with Asus Aura Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light Sync, and ASRock Polychrome Sync. This means that the desk lighting can be fully synchronized with your PC lighting for complete system-wide integration, none of the other desks on this list boast this capability and we love it. The lighting takes the form of a bank on each flank of the desk and they fire vibrant RGB goodness through a diffuser, making for less glare allowing you to fully focus on the game at hand.

In addition to all this tech, it’s a solid desk too. It has three height settings and spans 1500mm wide, meaning there’s plenty of room for even the biggest monitors and gaming PCs. The top surface is covered in a faux carbon fiber texture, lending a futuristic and automotive vibe to the overall design. If you want a desk that is truly the absolute hero of your setup, this is the one.

Best RGB gaming desk – Other things to consider

RGB desk, not your bag? We’ve covered many other types of gaming desks too, you can check them out below.

Final Word

There we have it folks, a quick list of the best RGB gaming desks in 2024. We’ve covered all the bases so you know what desk to get when you decide to truly light up your battlestation. We’ve covered the brights, the widest, and the most practical. Then again, if it’s a light-up desk you’re looking for practicality might not be your first priority. All jokes aside we’ve made sure to only include RGB desks which are quality and will last the test of time.

The best RGB gaming desk has been achieved, what comes next? The unavoidable torrent of RGB implementation will continue on the march until even the most mundane of PC gaming peripherals will be laden in illuminated livery. We can’t wait.

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