The Top 5 Best Standing Desks In 2020 (Converter and Sit/stand)

The Top Best Standing Desks In 2019 Converter Sit and Stand

Today is finally the day we get to sit down and review a selection of the best standing desks available in today's marketplace. Wait, what? Nevermind...

With technology advancing faster than ever, we're naturally seeing more and more people having to accommodate to computers needs. In turn, more people are exposed to ill-sufficient desks which ultimately lead to back, joint and posture issues.

This being said, many people are now turning towards the ever popular standing desk for their work station needs which is why we thought it'd be a great opportunity to showcase the best standing desks available this 2019.

Let's have a look at what's in store...

The Best Standing Desks This 2019

Our Pick

Jarvis Standing Desk Bamboo

Meet our number one selection for best standing desk, the Jarvis standing bamboo desk. Before you ask, yes, they have used real bamboo for the surface of this desk, it looks superb. This desk comes to the table, mind the pun, with much more than just solid build materials though.

Not always the number one priority, but certainly a huge plus in this specific desk, is its ability to accommodate 350lbs of weight. I mean, I'm not sure when you're going to utilize this strength but it's good to know it's there if you do.

The design is extremely attractive and suits many home and office settings which again, is a huge plus for me. The desk's height adjustment ranges from 23.25" to 49.25" meaning this desk can cater to all users young and old.  The electronic mechanism is extremely smooth and very easy to use thanks to presets readily installed.

The desk comes in a number of iterations from standard to contoured and in a range of different surface sizes. Furthermore, it comes with two cable management grommets that help make this desk look sleek from all angles.

The only downside to this desk is the price tag that comes with it. It's pretty hefty. For that, however, you do get unrivaled materials and a plethora of cool features that you don't with lesser desks.

Runner Up Pick

Varidesk Electric Pro

The Varidesk is our runner up in this guide but not by much. Build quality and materials are of the highest caliber as are its aesthetics and design features. One of the main features of this desk is its huge work surface which has the ability to house multiple monitors, laptops and pretty much anything else you would likely throw at it.

The design is similar to that of the Jarvis only this desk has a horizontal stabilizing rod between its legs, cheeky. The Varidesk has slightly less load capacity which tops out at 300lbs, again though, not sure when that amount of strength would be useful.

Also, like the Jarvis, the Varidesk comes with an electronic motor that adjusts the height of the desk. That height ranges from 25.5” to 50.5” high which is ideal for all heights and body types. At maximum height, the desk feels extremely sturdy, exactly what you want form a standing desk.

Overall, the Varidesk is a fantastic option and one that is seriously worth your consideration. It could easily be our number one spot, but today falls just short.

Professional Pick

VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Desk

The Vivo is the first converter standing desk in this list and offers something that the top 2 do not. Before we get into that though, let's look at the design of this thing.

So, the Vivo is an ON desk standing desk, if that makes sense? I.E, you need a pre-existing desk to use this thing. It basically converts your current desk into a standing one. Glad we cleared that one up.

In fairness, you've probably seen these before dotted around the office place for people who like to adjust their position midway through the day. However, you've probably not seen one of this quality.

It gives users a decent 31" work surface and a height adjustment of up to 19" which pretty much covers all bases in that regard. The design is one that promotes a professional feel and looks extremely sleek. The mechanism to adjust the height is altered using a leaver on the side of the desk and is very easy to use.

You get all this for a very affordable price tag, especially if you compare it to the top 2 in this list. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to what's above, this is a great option.

Crank Adjustable Height Standing Desk

The crank height adjustable desk is what we like to call, the workmen's desk. This doesn't have the luxury of a handy electronic motor to adjust the height, you physically have to walk around and crank that thing up. However, what this desk loses in functionality, is made up for in its price. Almost half what other desks retail at.

This being said, you can tell straight away, the materials that are used in this standing desk are of lesser quality than that of the top picks. However, the crank mechanism is easy to use and does feel well made and built to last.

Heavy-duty steel has been used for the frame of this desk and the mechanism that adjusts it. Great news for longevity. It also looks very sleek and would fit into most home office environments very easily. If it doesn't though, fear not, this model comes in a huge number of variants.

Budget Pick

FEZIBO 30″ Black Stand Up Desk

Finally, we come to the Fezibo 30" stand up desk, our budget option and one that displays excellent value for money. Its the only desk in this list that comes to shelves under $100 (at the time of writing this).

The design is black and looks extremely professional within a working environment. The height mechanism, which ranges from 4" to 20", is extremely tactile and feels built to last. A leaver is used to adjust said height meaning you can change from sitting to standing in no time at all.

Being our budget offering, naturally, this desk comes to the table with the least amount of features. However, it keeps the core criteria that you would want from a standing desk intact which for some, is all they need.

Overall, the Fezibo is a great little desk that caters towards the consumer on a budget and offers everything you need from a standing desk without being too flashy.

How We Choose The Best Standing Desk

A question that crops up all the time, is how we decide which product is best and why? Well, it's a fairly simple process and one the team has had to complete hundreds of times before.

If we don't get sent the products for testing and reviewing, we'll physically go and buy the hardware and do our tests that way. We usually buy 8-10 of the best, most known products in that field, do our tests and whittle that list down to a top 5. The products usually go through a couple of different testing scenarios via different people to make sure we have more of a general consensus at the end of the process.

What To Look For In A Standing Desk

We don't just recommend the best products here at WEPC, we like to educate the reader on what to look for in a standing desk in case none of our offerings take their fancy. Whether you're buying a new GPU or a fancy new office chair, making sure you're up to speed on primary areas is a crucial part of the purchasing process.

The following are a few of the key areas which will make the buying process much easier:

Make sure build quality is GOOD: These days, when people buy a desk, they aren't buying something that's going to last a few months, they're buying a product that's going to last 5+ years. Making sure a product is going to last the test of time comes down to a few factors but build quality is one of the most important. Read reviews, look at the desk itself, make sure what you're thinking of buying is build WELL.

Load Capacity:  Usually, load capacity in your average office desk isn't of the highest importance. However, with a standing desk, a user will sometimes fall into the habit of leaning or overloading it so they don't have to bend down to get their items. This being said, you really want your desk to have a solid load capacity so you don't find your new computer on the floor.

Features: Features in a standing desk, or normal computer desk for that matter, can be little or many depending on its price. However, if you're specifically buying a desk to accommodate certain needs, you need to make sure that the features are up to scratch. A low amount of features doesn't necessarily make the desk any worse than the competition. It just stops it from catering to people with specific needs.

These are some of the core factors that make a desk right for you. There are a bunch of other areas to consider such as weight, price, style, aesthetics, and functionality. But as a general rule, if your standing desk has these 3 boxes ticked off, you're in good company.

Health Benefits Of A Standing Desk

A few of you might be asking yourself at this stage of the article, what's the point in getting a standing desk, and 9 times out of 10 it comes down to medical reasons.

What I mean when I say medical reasons is;

  • Back pain
  • Joint pain
  • Breathing issues
  • Weight issues

These are a couple of the reasons why certain individuals either seek out or are recommended a standing desk by their physician.

It's not just medical benefits that can be seen whilst using standing desks though, we also understand being upright and mobile can increase productivity exponentially. It can also reduce weight and put you in a better mood according to case studies done over long periods of standing desk usage.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, our comprehensive guide to the best standing desks money can buy this 2019. They're a funny thing standing desks, up until recently, I'd never actually used a standing desk. However, throughout my testing period using these desks on a regular basis, I've really come to enjoy them as a realistic work station option.

If you aren't comfortable with your current working situation or need a change to boost productivity, I would seriously recommend checking out one of these great products.

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