Black and Gold Metal Hardline

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A custom loop PC here featuring the latest and greatest from AMD And Nvidia. An enthusiast-level, water-cooled build done in yet another Lian Li O11D case but wow does it look fantastic.


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What We Like About This Build

The first thing we have to comment on is the custom loop itself, what an aesthetically beautiful gaming PC this is. The right-angled metal tubing going into the distro plate is a favored look of mine and this PC does it well.

The RGB looks incredible and really shows off the impressive water blocks while not overpowering the overall design. The setup is quite minimal, with dual 34-inch monitors and a few standard peripherals but it looks clean and a great place to game.


The build is fantastic and I wouldn’t change a thing but a Logitech G900 mouse? Not sure about that one!

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