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RTX 4070 vs 3070 Ti

Old vs new, what is the better choice to go for

Updated: May 4, 2023 10:02 am
RTX 4070 vs 3070 Ti

Ada is the successor to the Ampere series and continues to improve upon the offering generationally. So one comparison you might make and want to know is the RTX 4070 vs 3070 Ti. Although different models will likely compare with the performance and price changes.

The RTX 3070 Ti came out later in the lifetime of the 30 series. Slotting in between the 3070 and 3080, it launched in June of 2021. Launching during the shortage time, it might not have been as available as the rest, but now that has changed. And the 4070 card is a later launch in the series, with a launch in April of 2023. Changing out the usual 3 card launch but lowering the entry point for the series.


Generational change is always aiming on improving the options. So you can expect the same between these two graphics cards. And the 30 series card features the Ampere architecture, built with Samsung’s 8nm process, it has a die 392mm² in size, which itself fits 17.4 billion transistors on it.

Whilst the new Ada series moves back to the TSMC foundry. With a 5nm process size, it does improve the density. So in the 4070, you have a 295mm² die with a 35.8 billion transistor count. Which means a density of 121.4M/mm² compared to the previous count of 44.4M/mm².


RTX 4070RTX 3070 Ti
GPU processTSMC 5nmSamsung 8nm
CUDA cores5,8886,144
RT cores4648
Base/Boost clock1,920/2,475 MHz1,575/1,770 MHz
Memory clock/bandwidth21Gbps/504.2 GB/s19Gbps/608.3 GB/s
Memory bus192-bit256-bit

Although the changes between the two don’t seem that different there are some core changes that affect the difference the most. One such factor is the CUDA cores, these are what process the graphics of the visuals. Here you see with a 4070 has a lower count, but you can expect there to be better improvements in the architecture. As such the lower number, might work better and more powerful than the higher count in the 3070 Ti.

But then in the RT core count, there is a very similar amount that shouldn’t have too much effect except also benefit from the generational improvements. Where it also benefits from the changes is the clock rate, being able to reach over 2GHz it does also offer a faster experience in its rendering process.

The VRAM is also where the 450 series card improves. Although it utilizes a smaller bus, it does have a larger capacity and a faster clock. But it also has a lower bandwidth as well, so it’s a mixed bag in terms of its capabilities. Where the new card benefit is that it has a much lower power rating. With a 200W TBP over 290W, it saves on running costs and the heat generated.

RTX 4070 vs 3070 Ti performance

Looking at benchmarks and reviews, we can see how the 4070 compares to the older generation. And seeing the TechSpot 4070 review, we have a comparison between the 4070 vs 3070 Ti. Looking at 13 game averages across the three main resolutions we can see the gaming performance difference between them.

So at 1080p, the 4070 averages 175 FPS, with the 3070 Ti getting 142 FPS, which means it is 20.8% better. Then at 1440p, the 4070 gets an average of 126 FPS, whilst the 3070 Ti gets 102, a 21% improvement. Then at 4k, the 40 card gets 69 FPS, and 3070 Ti at 57. So it improves by 19%, as such a good improvement overall.

Is the 4070 worth it over the 3070 Ti?

Both cards have the same MSRP, with a 599 USD asking point, there is just the performance to compare. And as such, the 4070 makes more sense if you’re going to be buying them at that price. Especially as you get the benefits of DLSS 3 as well as improvements in general and the higher performance it does give the better choice when choosing RTX 4070 vs 3070 Ti.


How much better is the 4070 than 3070 Ti?

The RTX 4070 is 21%/21%/19% better than the RTX 3070 Ti, this is at 1080p/1440p/4k 13 game average respectively.

What is the price difference between 4070 vs 3070 Ti?

The 4070 and 3070 Ti have in fact got the same MSRP, they are both priced at $599 USD.

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