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All Stands in Stone Ocean Explained

What are all the Stands in Stone Ocean and their abilities?

Updated: Dec 13, 2021 2:25 pm
All Stands in Stone Ocean Explained

Hirohiko Araki is renowned for the sheer absurdity of his work. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is true to its name, it’s a bizarre adventure that has amassed itself one of the largest fandoms of any anime, manga or game. From the days of Jonathan Joestar and Hamon-using vampires, now to the days of Rock Humans and a plethora of Stands.

But it’s hard to argue against the notion that Stands are pretty rad. They bring a new and unique form of storytelling to the traditional ‘super-powered’ beings. Whilst we have X-Men and their mutations, superheroes and their trauma-derived abilities, or My Hero’s Quirks. There’s not really been anything like Stands other than the Araki’s Stands themselves.

Manifestations of the soul which tend to have a name related to a song or artist. Stands can manifest in just about any form, some are more physical and humanoid than others. Then there are those that are barely even a manifestation and more a concept. Oh and let’s not forget the Stands that are all the more strange, like Part 4’s Super Fly.

Well, if you’re new to JoJo or just want a refresher after having watched JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean then you’re in luck. Here we’ll go through all the Stands in Stone Ocean SO FAR. So don’t worry, if you’re not a manga reader and don’t want to be spoiled. This is just to go through all the Stands we’ve seen so far in Stone Ocean, what their abilities are and who their user is!

We’ll go through in order of appearance:

Stone Free

Jojo Part 6 anime Stone Ocean Jolyne release date netflx 1140x638 1

Name: Stone Free

User: Jolyne Kujo

Namesake: Stone Free – Jimi Hendrix

Abilities: Stone Free is a versatile Stand. Although it can prove itself in a fist-fight, it’s also got quite a lot of adaptability. Specifically, using it’s string abilities. Jolyne can use a single strand of Stone Free’s string, to either pick up things, touch them or even relay messages or hear through it. In a way, the string can extend her natural senses. But the string can also be completely unwound and manifest into Stone Free’s humanoid form. A dense yet extremely fast Stand.

Goo Goo Dolls


Name: Goo Goo Dolls

User: Gwess

Namesake: Goo Goo Dolls (Band)

Abilities: Goo Goo Dolls has a relatively simple ability, in that it can shrink others down. It reduces people’s size and thus will also reduce any of the target’s stand abilities too. Except, Goo Goo Dolls only works within a certain range, and if the target begins to move out of that range, they’ll begin to grow to their normal size.

Star Platinum: The World

star platinum

Name: Star Platinum: The World (formerly just Star Platinum)

User: Jotaro Kujo

Namesake: The Star Tarot Card

Abilities: One of the more notorious cases of new and then forgotten abilities lies within Star Platinum. All throughout Stardust Crusaders, Star Platinum is at the forefront of it (or a certain French Man if you ask some). For the sake of brevity and my own sanity, we’ll just cover what Star Platinum’s abilities are that we’ve seen in Stone Ocean.

Star Platinum’s main ability is The World, where he stops time. During Jotaro’s prime, his Time Stop could last a while but as he aged, so did the time stop get harder to hold up. In Stone Ocean, he can just about stop time for 2 seconds.

As well as that, Star Platinum is one of the fastest and the strongest Stands out there. In fact, it even possesses a degree of self-awareness unlike most other stands which are just manifestations of their user. Star Platinum has been able to protect Jotaro in many instances that he himself was unaware of.

Manhattan Transfer


Name: Manhattan Transfer

User: Johngalli A

Namesake: The Manhattan Transfer jazz group

Abilities: This Stand has no combat ability of it’s own but when it’s paired with Johngalli A’s sharpshooting, it can allow him to take down targets from afar, precisely and through blind spots.

It’s main ability is to read air current, even the smallest change (like breathing) ca help this little Stand pinpoint any living thing’s location. It flows in the air and moves quickly, even able to evade water drops to ensure it retains maximum precision.

And using it’s own shape, Johngalli A can redirect bullets by shooting Manhattan Transfer and changing the bullet’s trajectory. Thus shooting around covers and blind spots with ease.



Name: Whitesnake

User: Enrico Pucci

Namesake: Whitesnake the Rock Band

Abilities: Whitesnake is a long-range Stand, meaning Pucci doesn’t have to be that close for it to function. It’s fast but not the strongest when it comes to fist-fights. Instead, it focuses on using its special abilities. That of illusion and a possibly lethal acid. As seen in the early episodes, Whitesnake can produce an acid that can slowly digest both objects and people. Whilst under the effects of this acid, victims are put in a dream-like state to keep them still and slowly killed.

Its other, and more important, ability lies in its DISC creation. Where it can manipulate spirits through the use of special DISCS. It can extract a portion or the entirety of someone’s mind out of their bodies into DISCS. This includes the person’s memories or its Stand. These DISCS can later be inserted into another person’s head, allowing them to either consult that person’s memories or possibly gain control of their stands.

Some Stands, however, are too powerful for just anyone to use. As we see when Jolyne tries to take Star Platinum and it rejects her.



Name: Kiss

User: Ermes Costello

Namesake: KISS (American Rock Band)

Abilities: Kiss is a close-ranged Stand who has formidable strength and speed. But more than that, it has it’s special stickers. Unlike many of the other Stands in the prison, Kiss is Ermes’s own, as she got it from being pierced by the Arrow. Kiss’s primary ability is to create and place stickers on various objects, creating an exact copy of the original.

She can even duplicate a person’s limb by placing a sticker on it. But when the sticker is removed or destroyed, the two objects spring towards each other and fuse back. This fusion can cause a great deal of force, possibly damaging the original item.

Highway to Hell


Name: Highway to Hell

User: Thunder McQueen

Namesake: Highway to Hell (AC/DC song)

Abilities: Highway to Hell is an interesting stand. In that it doesn’t have any combat ability whatsoever and isn’t the most versatile Stand there is. Instead, it’s ability is of that to share any damage its user takes. And considering McQueen is highly suicidal, this can duplicate itself onto any unfortunate victim.

McQueen can apply Highway to Hell onto someone, that person will then suffer the same damage he inflicts upon himself.

Foo Fighters


Name: Foo Fighters (or F.F)

User: n/a

Namesake: Foo Fighters (American Rock Band)

Abilities: Foo Fighters is quite simple, it is made up of millions of smaller ‘plankton’ and thus can reconstitute itself, fill and seal the wounds of others with its own flesh as well as project itself like bullets.

Marilyn Manson

384px MansonMoney

Name: Marilyn Manson

User: Miraschon

Namesake: Brian Hugh Warner / Marilyn Manson (American Singer)

Abilities: Marilyn Manson is a Stand that doesn’t quite work like others. Miraschon doesn’t have complete control over the Stand, and nor will it protect her when needs be. Instead, Marilyn is activated when Miraschon and a victim agree on a bet. At which point, it can only be stopped is Miraschon cancels it.

It’s primary ability comes in its debt collection, where it will collect the wager or anything of equal value. If the person who agreed to the bet loses, Marilyn Manson will appear near them and take any of their possessions in order to pay up.

Burning Down the House


Name: Burning Down the House

User: Emporio Alnino

Namesake: Burning Down the House (Talking Heads song)

Abilities: One of the few Stands with no physical manifestation. Instead, it is a pure ability and concept. It can materialize the ‘ghost’ of a room and the various objects inside it. With this Stand, Emporio can see and interact with spaces that are ‘ghosts’ of a location that was destroyed by burning.

Weather Report


Name: Weather Report

User: Weather Report

Namesake: Weather Report (American jazz-fusion band)

Abilities: An incredibly powerful and versatile Stand that can control almost all aspects of the Weather. This very simple power leads to a plethora of crazy and wild events, as Weather Report’s weather control is taken to all extremes. It can, of course, control various weather phenomena like wind, rain or lightning. It can also control air and wind, using powerful gusts of wind strong enough to even pierce through the human body. Basically, anything even closely weather related, Weather Report can do something with it.

Jumpin’ Jack Flash


Name: Jumpin’ Jack Flash

User: Lang Rangler

Namesake: Jumpin’ Jack Flash (The Rolling Stones song)

Abilities: This powerful Stand can turn the tide on even some of the best Stands using its gravity removal. It can disable someone or a location’s gravity, and thus can create a hazardous environment for themselves. Anyone spat on by Lang Rangler is subject to this ability. This ability can even lead to the air around the victim becoming a vacuum of about 20 meters.

Furthermore, this Stand also is built with two centrifuges in its wrists. It can store small objects in them, like screws and bolts that turn at high speed, building up energy until launched at enemies like bullets.

Well that’s all the Stands from Stone Ocean part 1! As we get more episodes, we’ll explore more Stands and develop the abilities of those we’ve already met!

If you’re wondering when Part 2 is out, check out our other article here.

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